7 Ways to Make Time for Him during a Busy School Year ...


If you're too busy to spend the weekend with your boyfriend, you have to come up with ways to make time for him. It's important to see him when you can, so that your bond stays strong. While there's nothing wrong with being apart for a few days, if you want your relationship to be a healthy one, you need to hang out with him whenever you can. Here are some simple ways to make time for him so your relationship remains intact:

1. Align Your Schedules

Sit down and look at each other's schedules to see when you have free time at the same time. You want to plan ahead, because if you try to make plans at the last second, you may never see each other. One of the best ways to make time for him is by figuring out when the best times are to meet up, so that you don't end up missing out on valuable time together.

Sacrifice Your Time


We are having the same subjects, so I see him almost everyday๐Ÿ‘Œ
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