How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship ...


Do you feel like you need to know some ways not to lose yourself in a relationship? That can easily happen if you aren’t on guard against it. You’re so in love with this amazing person and they just seem to fill up your world in all the empty spots. While that’s a wonderful thing, you still need to be you and know some ways not to lose yourself in a relationship.

1. Keep up Your Friendships

One of the ways not to lose yourself in a relationship is to be sure to keep up your friendships. It’s great when you find someone who makes you happier than you ever dreamed that you could be but you don’t want to drop your friends. They’re important in your life, too. Make sure you still find time to go out for a girls' night. You’re always going to need your friends.

Don’t Give up Your Interests or Hobbies


Audrey Earl
I have learned #2 don't give up on hobbies and things you love in a relationship. Having to compromise is one thing, but changing who you are is another. Let me know what you think of my blog
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