6 Skype Dates for Long Distance Relationships ...


6 Skype Dates for Long Distance Relationships ...
6 Skype Dates for Long Distance Relationships ...

Skype dates for long distance relationships are a great idea! Being in a long-distance relationship can be really tough, and undoubtedly one of the toughest aspects of the entire situation is the fact that you can’t enjoy regular and normal style dates with your partner because they might be as far away as the other side of the world from you! When you are faced with physical mileage between you and the one that you love, you are forced to get creative, and that’s were Skype can come in to play. Not only can you use Skype for the general visual catching up, but if you use your imagination, you can use it for full-blown dates! Here are six fun Skype dates for long distance relationships.

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Virtual Concert

performance, performing arts, theatre, drama, gentleman, Is there a particular band or singer that is special to the two of you? If so, then why not stage your own virtual music concert by pulling up a playlist and pressing play at the same time on either end of the phone. You can dance and sing along together, and it will be the next best thing to actually being with one another in person. You might not be able to physically dance with them, but you can certainly make your presence felt! This is one of my favorite Skype dates for long distance relationships.



glasses, eyewear, vision care, girl, It’s a classic thing to do together in person, so why not do it on Skype too? Click the play button in unison on a great show and proceed to watch together in perfect time. You can talk about the show as if you were snuggled down together on the same couch, and it will make you feel much closer than a simple conversation.


Eat Together

black and white, monochrome photography, photography, girl, conversation, Eating together is a really important part of a close relationship, so make sure that you both time your meals to be able to be a virtual dinner date. There is nothing like a good conversation over a good meal, and a little thing like a few hundred or few thousand miles shouldn’t ruin that!


Work out Together

room, shoulder, joint, standing, physical fitness, You might find that you lose a little motivation to stay in shape when your boo is so far away, but you can get that back in a fun way by working out together over Skype! Not only will you be able to provide inspiration and motivation for one another, but you will also get to see their sexy body in work out gear! When they aren’t around for you to play with whenever you feel like it, you need embrace every semi-sexy moment you can!


Play Games

girl, fun, If you are both gamers, then connect up and Skype and also connect up on whichever platform you like the best. Playing games together is a really fun way to bond, and it is the perfect way to pass the time in each other’s company if you both have a cute, competitive spirit. You don’t always have to be playing against each other either, there are plenty of games that will allow you to team up and slay no matter how far apart you are!


Read Together

toddler, recreation, screenshot, Or if you want something a little more sedate, you can always start up your own long distance book club! Takes turns picking reads for both of you to get through, and this will provide a great springboard for discussion the next time you are online with each other. It will also give you important insights into what both of you like in your themes and stories.

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