10 Ways to Start a Flirty Conversation with a Guy ...


Learning how to start a flirty conversation with your crush or even just a guy you just met isn't easy. Guys are sometimes really hard to talk to first right? Well ladies, I've got a fool-proof guide to the top 10 ways on how to start a flirty conversation with a crush or a guy you just met! These tips will not only help you start a flirty conversation, but they will also help keep the conversation flowing free!

1. Read His Body Language

The first tip on how to start a flirty conversation is to read his body language. Is he interested in you? Only one way to find out! Flirt with him a little, see if he responds, see if he reciprocates. Does he lean in a little just to smell? Is he giving you small little touches? If so, he's definitely interested and the conversation should flow a little easier!

Start with Small Talk


He might think that you're cute or whatevs! But... he also won't take you seriously.
I think you should try and have a little convo. with him. Ask him for his number if you don't already have it. Or if you know someone who does have it get it from them. Then I would say text him a few...
well im 15 and i like this 25 year old guy. I know im too young but i really cant help it...so he works at a ship and comes back every 4 or 5 months and stays about 1 month so my time is limmited and ...
I really like this guy andc he's in 3 of my classes. He sits next to me in two of them and behind me in 1 of them. I talk to him everyday , he always asks me to borrow paper or pencils or stuff like t...
so i like this boy a lot. we have one period together during school, and h e sits on the opposite end of the room. every once in a while i'll catch him looking at me and stuff. often times he'll appro...
How can I start a conversation if we're both shy ?! We used to talk when its time to sleep , but its really not enough to make him fall with me . Oh , I really dont know what to do ?! -__- Please help me.
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