9 Ways to Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship ...


When you are trying to find ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship it can be difficult, especially since a lot of the standard ways can get a little stale. If you've been in a LDR and are looking for ways to stay connected, I've hopefully got a few fresh ideas for you! Remember, a long distance relationship is all about commitment and you have to be ready to make that commitment and stick to it, if you are going to be in one.

1. Skype

I think that since Skype has come into the world, it is one of the best ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship. Not only does it let you see your boyfriend, but it really lets you two explore one another and really see expressions and moods, especially if you are hours and hours away. My girlfriend and I, before we moved in together did not Skype, but had it been around when we were in a LDR, we would have!



Irina Wong
I met a really nice endearing guy via Facebook, and have been in contact daily with him for over 3 months. We whatsapp, email, Skype, send photos, audio files and videos to each other. But the thing i...
Crystal D
This is great!!! My boyfriend lives in tx and I'm in ct, so this will help our long distance!
Heather Jensen
Hi Michelle! Have you tried to talk to him at all about it? I think that it's worth it if you really care about him!
I can't wait to see my girlfriend again β™₯β™₯
Michelle R Centeno Tong
I met this guy on the Internet. We've been 'dating' for more than a month now. Back then we would talk everyday for hours or even a whole day. Now we only skype once a week, we don't really text each ...
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Roshan, welcome to All Women Stalk and thanks for commenting! Have you told him exactly how you feel? It might be worth it to have a serious discussion with him and tell him that you need to see ...
Roshan D
I'm in a LDR too. My boyfriend lives in the Philippines, and I, here in Canada. (We're in a LDR for almost 2 years now. broke up 2 times) I always complain about how busy he is, he's just too busy tha...
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