11 Ways to Tell if He's Husband Material ...


Whether you believe in love at first site or a long-term relationship before marriage, the big question is how to tell if he’s husband material. Some say that when you know, you know, some say he needs to be able to support you, and others say happiness is key. In reality, I say all of the above. You need man that is willing to go to the moon and back, laugh with you, cry with you, support you, and love you. This is how to tell if he’s husband material.

1. Always Remembers to Incorporate Your Favorite Things in Bed

He wants you to have fun. He wants you to know that he knows what pushes you over the edge. He wants to make those toes curl under the sheets. He doesn’t need a reminder; he just knows that right thing to do. He wants the experience to be as much as it is for him as it is for you. Believe me, if he’s in bed with you, he’s having fun. If he always remembers to do that one thing, that’s just one way to tell if he’s husband material.

He’s a Fair Fighter


Amanda Scribner
Same thing for me too, notifications constantly :/
I am getting these notifications every five minutes... This is very irritating
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I'm getting tired of the notifications every 10 min ! So ready to delete this app !
seriously getting a notification every 10 minutes
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I swear if I get another notification I'm deleting this application
Dana im having the same problem..been popping up for an hour now 😑
Omg am I the only having this issue. This damn post has been popping up in my phone all night. In trying to sleep!!!
my boyfriend is all of these... but i'm realizing that i need to work on some of these myself :/ i would say i'm financially responsible; i know how to manage my money. But I don't have anything saved...
1, 5, 6, 9, 11 are definitely points to be considered before getting married
number 8 is so sooooo true
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