7 Signs of Sexual Incompatibility to Be Aware of ...

By Alison

7 Signs of Sexual Incompatibility to Be Aware of ...

Sexual incompatibility can be a serious problem in a relationship. Many an otherwise happy partnership has fallen apart because a couple couldn't fix their sexual difficulties. But what makes a couple incompatible in bed? Here are some of the signs of sexual incompatibility you should watch out for …

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1 Pressure

Sexual incompatibility can often be shown by your partner putting pressure on you in some way. Maybe they push you to have sex when you don't want to, or pressure you to do something you're uncomfortable with. Someone who loves you would never do that. It's reasonable to discuss something new that he'd like to try, but not to pressurise you.

2 Unsafe Sex

A man who wants to have unsafe sex is definitely not good for you. It's not only risking pregnancy, but exposing you to the risk of diseases. He's also showing that he's too stupid or careless to think of his own safety. So don't listen to pleas that condoms ruin the sensation or that he's '100% clean'. Any smart woman should avoid a man who doesn't protect her health.

3 Drastically Different Libidos

It's quite common for partners to have very differing libidos - and it's not always the guy who wants more sex. Work, stress and health problems can affect someone's libido. Or they may simply not want sex very often. This 'incompatibility' doesn't have to be a problem. With understanding on both sides, you can reach a compromise. But if you just can't meet in the middle, it's not looking good.

4 Comparisons

Does your boyfriend compare you to a previous woman in his life and say that his previous girlfriend did what he liked? Comparing you sexually to another woman is definitely not cool. Even if he tells you how much better you are, it suggests that he doesn't respect women. And you absolutely should not tolerate being told that you're worse.

5 Selfish

A man who is selfish in bed is not worth your time. Admittedly, sex is not a precise science, and there are times when a guy gets there first. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left hanging - there are ways he can ensure you get the pleasure of an orgasm as well. If he only cares about doing what he wants, and never makes you feel fulfilled, he's not a good match for you.

6 Regret

Do you ever wish you hadn't tried something sexual with your boyfriend? Or does sex with him leave you feeling unsatisfied emotionally? This doesn’t mean that he's not a nice guy; it may be that the two of you simply don't match in bed. Of course, if you feel regret because you let yourself be pushed into doing something, that should be a sign that all is not right.

7 Aggression

Some people do like 'rough play' in bed, and that's fine if it's consensual. But if he likes acting aggressive and you're uncomfortable, that signals incompatibility. He should be sensitive to your comfort levels and not go beyond them. As for a man who is genuinely aggressive, that is a real red flag.

Sex may not be the only important issue in a relationship, but it's definitely a very significant aspect. Incompatibility in the bedroom may mean that a relationship is not viable. It's certainly worth trying to resolve the issue. But however much you love each other, sexual problems may be impossible to resolve. What for you would signal sexual incompatibility?

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I can't help it but every time after sex I regret doing it I'm not sure why I love him but still when it comes to sex I think I didn't wait as long as I should

Awesome post!

It's been over a year and he's never given me an orgasm. He's stopped trying and it's over as soon as he's finished. We've talked and fought about this many times. I don't know what to do.

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