2. Pace Yourself

Since you already know everything about one another, you may move faster than you would with a stranger. However, if you want to move slowly, do so. Every situation is different. It might be easier for you both if you jump right into your make-out sessions, or it might be easier for you to take things one step at a time. See what feels right, and go with it.

Lose the Jealousy


Angelina Johnson
this happen to my boyfriend we been together for 5 months
the transition sounds hard, but the usual awkwardness of starting a new relationship was eliminated, in my case anyway. We had been best friends for nearly 2 years and have now been together for 6 mon...
Me and my best friend of two years have decided to start a relationship. In the last we did the whole friends with benefits thing but it's only now we realise how much we actually like each other. It'...
Christina Gilpin-Tissue
I do now. The problem is I went from acting normal in front of him to acting like a bumbling idiot. I'm working on it!
💕💝😘😍💋💔happy St. Valentines!!
Chaimae Janah
Yes I do . And I guess it's mutual . What I love about him is his personality And after he told me he loves me Everything is better
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