17 Ways to Take a Relationship from Texting to Dating ...


17 Ways to Take a Relationship from Texting to Dating ...
17 Ways to Take a Relationship from Texting to Dating ...

Texting your crush is great, but you know what would be even better? If you two actually went out on dates. That's a real possibility, as long as you play your cards right! Here are a few ways to take your relationship from just texting to dating:

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Compliment Him

screenshot, action film, If you want him to think of you as a girlfriend instead of a girl friend, you need to act a little more sexual around him. Don't do anything crazy. Just compliment his looks.


Let Him Know How You Feel

bride, ceremony, wedding, flower, were, Boys are pretty clueless. Most of them won't realize that you like them, even if you send them all the signals. Sometimes, you just have to blurt out your feelings.


Send Medium Length Texts

Send Medium Length Texts Don't send texts that are too long that only say "k" or "haha." Don't send him ten paragraphs at once, either. Try to keep it in the middle.


Don’t Screenshot Your Texts and Show Everyone

screenshot, sense, interaction, E3E38, One, If he finds out that you've been showing your private conversations to your friends, he won't be pleased. Resist the urge to screenshot everything he sends.


Move on to Skyping

hair, hairstyle, beauty, head, glasses, If meeting up with him in person sounds too scary, you can have a Skype date with him instead. It's one step up from texting.


Ask Him to Hang out in Person

blue, CAD, Res, Once you're ready, make sure you ask him to hang out with you in person. You don't have to call it a date. Just call it two friends hanging out.


Use Proper Grammar

human hair color, hair, human action, person, blond, Don't use text speak when you talk to him. Make sure you speak properly, so that you make a good impression.


Add Him on Snapchat

play, games, You two are already texting. You might as well add him on SnapChat. That way, you can have pictures to go along with your conversations.


Make Him Miss You

white, black, black and white, person, image, Don't text him as soon as you wake up in the morning. Give him a little time to miss you.


Remind Him You're Single

black and white, image, darkness, monochrome photography, monochrome, Make sure he knows that you're single. You have to remind him that he has a chance.


Don’t Mention Other Men

You don't want to mention how hot your other male friends are. If you do, he'll assume you like another guy and won't ask you out himself.


Make Sexual Jokes

face, person, nose, blond, mouth, Try to get his mind on sex. Do that by making a few dirty jokes whenever you get the chance.


Tell Him What You Want

swimming, water sport, sports, leisure, swimmer, If you want a hot guy who's also funny, let him know. Once he realizes that he has all the traits you've been looking for, he'll put two and two together.


Stay Lighthearted

person, screenshot, profession, I-M-H-O,, and, Don't get mean when he takes a little too long to answer you. If you start too many fights with him before you start dating, you might never become his girlfriend.


Use Emojis

screenshot, fictional character, *FROWNY, FACER, You might think emojis are silly, but they can help you look extra flirty. Don't be afraid to use them.


Talk about Movies You Want to See

people, audience, musical theatre, If you tell him you want to see a certain film, he might ask you to go with him!


Don’t Sound Desperate

clothing, product, fashion, drawing, If he turned down your last four invitations to hang out, don't ask him out again. Find someone new who actually appreciates you.

If you follow these tips, you can turn your crush into your boyfriend! Are you currently texting someone that you've been crushing on?

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Ask him directly. "Where are we now?" So that way you'll know once for all!

He may have so much other stuff going on that he can't catch on to how you feel. Or he's not genuine. You can try suggesting to hang out a couple more times and if he still doesn't follow thru, move on.

Just move on

I guess your right... When u put it like that I wouldn't want to be with someone who is like tht, and the reason why I haven't said anything is because we haven't established dating... So I don't wanna put myself in a vulnerable situation seeming like I caught feelings an he doesn't feel the same way

What if the conversations are dry but the guy is still pursuing to conversate, yet he has never returned phone calls or when I was home from spring break he wanted to see me but never fell through with it! I'm kinda over it what y'all think I should do????

So this guy Im seeing.. Seems to like, but Im afraid he's more into my body than he is into my personality overall, but idk.. mixed signals are seriously the worst

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