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There are so many things that you can learn about a guy the first time you're meeting him. If you're out on a date and find yourself trying to decide whether or not the date is worth finishing, take these things into consideration:

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Is He FWB or BF Material?

Often times, girls and guys have a total different idea of what a "relationship" is. So, try and bring up your views on relationships and hook-ups, casually of course. Something like, "A lot of my friends have been hooking up with guys they met online but I'm just not that into it," will definitely send him the message that you're looking for something serious. How he responds will tell YOU what you need to know.


His Work Situation

If he's working all day, every day, the two of you probably won't end up in a always-together type of relationship. Of course, the situation could be flipped and he could be unemployed... does he have a lack of motivation and drive? If either of these scenarios are not okay with you, it's okay to get up and leave.


The Way He Talks about Women

Pay close attention to the way he talks about the women in his life. Whether they're women in his office, female friends, family, or even exes, how he speaks about women will tell you a lot about him. If he's compassionate, he'll support not only you but all girls. After all, who runs the world?


Would Your Friends Approve?

It's not really the question of "would your friends approve?" because after all, it's your choice. But, try and picture him out with you and your closest friends. Would they get along? Would he be the type to keep to himself all night? Take it into consideration because if this guy becomes long-term, chances are he'll be hanging out with you and your friends quite often.

Don't get me wrong - these signs do NOT tell you all you need to know about people but it's an easy way to help you decide whether or not the relationship is worth pursuing. What do you take notice of when you're meeting a guy for the first time?

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What type of or lack of intellect does he portray in conversation ; he has a great command of the grammar & vocabulary level? This will likely reveal whether he has secondary education and university . That will tell you the type of employment or class of socioeconomic he probably fits into. You don't need a slacker attached to you. How is he dressed : Is it over the top ( too pretentious ) may mean he is a me person . If dressed well and fashionable , he is likely on trend with what is going on in the world . The conversation content does he ask questions abt you and actually listen! Does he prefer the resume talk and not even pause for you to reply. These traits could reveal he isn't the person who interacts well with others or lacks empathy for others . If you come up with a score of 10 - him & 0 - you ; you may want then to evaluate how he stacks up as a commitment person.

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