Why Men Love when Women Make the First Move ...


Do you always wait for guys to make the first move? You shouldn't. Guys love it when women approach them! And since we expect to be treated as equals, we shouldn't wait for men to do all the running. These are the reasons why men love it when women make the first move …

1. It Shows You're Interested

Guys can be nervous about making a move because they don't know for sure that you'll be interested in them. But if you're the one to be bold and do the asking, they know for sure that you are! So if they like you, but they're too shy or uncertain to ask you out, you'll score major points - and a date.

Men Can Be Shy Too


Rosy Do
He's crush on me, approach me everytime meet, texted and called me several times. He crushes on me. But how to make him to ask me out, plz give some ideas
A guy will almost always cherish something he has to work for and sees value in. Be confident Ladies and the right guy who deserves your heart will try and earn it :)
dont agree
What about when your a black girl and approach a white guy and you find out he isn't interested.
It's so weird :)I can't imagine chasing a guy even if I'm mad in love with him:) There are plenty of things woman can do to show a guy that she is interested in him instead making first move .
Love this post. I ask my current boyfriend for his number & we are still together now.lol I seem something in him & Got the courage to ask him out. From that point on it's be smooth selling. That was my first time
I once had a guy tell me that he liked when the girl chases him, but as soon as I chased him he ran away! So I prefer to be old-fashioned, and let the 'man' make the first move.
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