This is What You Should Be Doing on Your Next Date ...

By Jennifer

Whether it's your 1⃣️ date or your 5⃣️0⃣️th, don't settle for the typical dinner-and-a-movie night 🍴🎬❤️ - do something different! Here are a few date night ideas💡you'll both love ❤️, and all of them are inexpensive, too🙅🏻💰! And hey, if you've got another perfect date idea 👫💡 that didn't make my list, add it in the comments section 📝!

Table of contents:

  1. star-gazing
  2. water balloon fight
  3. hike
  4. paddle-board (or something on the water)
  5. bonfire
  6. bike a boardwalk
  7. go to a carnival
  8. museum
  9. paint together
  10. cook together
  11. picnic
  12. go to the beach
  13. fly a kite
  14. pick berries/apples
  15. go to the farmer's market
  16. visit a vineyard
  17. go to an outdoor concert
  18. camp in the back of a pickup
  19. go to a sports game
  20. play tennis
  21. go fishing
  22. surf lessons

1 Star-Gazing

2 Water Balloon Fight

3 Hike

4 Paddle-board (or Something on the Water)

5 Bonfire

6 Bike a Boardwalk

7 Go to a Carnival

8 Museum

9 Paint Together

10 Cook Together

11 Picnic

12 Go to the Beach

13 Fly a Kite

14 Pick Berries/apples

15 Go to the Farmer's Market

16 Visit a Vineyard

17 Go to an Outdoor Concert

18 Camp in the Back of a Pickup

19 Go to a Sports Game

20 Play Tennis

21 Go Fishing

22 Surf Lessons

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