What "I Love You" ❤️ Really 👌 Means 🗯 ...

Want to know what "I love You" really means? When you are in a relationship and everything is going absolutely perfectly, it might be fair to say that your whole life starts to become focused on hearing your partner say those three magical words, and on the flip side, of actually working up the courage to say them yourself! The phrase ‘I love you’ is one that is so much simpler to say than to mean, and it is also a much briefer sequence of words than the array of meanings that it holds. It might take less than two seconds to say it out loud, but when you really think about breaking it down into all of its component parts, a simple ‘I love you’ means so much more! Here are just a few of the many different sentiments that are encapsulated in ‘I love you’ and what "I love You" really means.

1. I See You

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When someone tells you that they love you, it also means that they see you, they truly see you, perhaps more clearly and more vividly than anybody ever has. They can see past all of the things that you might do in order to hide from the real world, and they are here to tell you that they love what they see.

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