6 Great Ways to Surprise Your LDR on Valentine's Day ...


6 Great Ways to Surprise Your LDR on Valentine's Day ...
6 Great Ways to Surprise Your LDR on Valentine's Day ...

Looking for some ways to surprise your LDR love on Valentine's Day? It’s the love season everyone! The heart-centric holiday to celebrate with your loved one has finally arrived. Whether you are living together or sharing a long distance relationship, you surely want to excite that lucky person that you call “my love”. It’s always better when you’re side by side with your significant other, but there are times when one of you is away. But nonetheless, there are certainly some fantastic ways to surprise your LDR love on Valentine's Day.

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Have a FaceTime Conversation

hair, blond, human hair color, yellow, girl, On V-Day, jump on Skype and spend a delightful evening together. This is one of the best ways to surprise your LDR love on Valentine's Day so be careful not forget to have an “I love you” Skype time. Hearing you say “I love you” is more valuable than any expensive gift on this special day.


Send Some Gifts to His Front Door

technology, product design, electronic device, furniture, product, Buy some gifts or personal items that your partner would really love to have. Plus, one handwritten note will be extra cute… And what about a kiss on the envelope? You got this girl!


Surprise Him the Whole Day

event, As a girlfriend, you should probably know your partner’s daily routine. And who said this won’t help on Valentine's Day? You can do surprises around every corner with the help of your lover’s friends. For example, you could order your partner's favorite food at their favorite restaurant and have a friend deliver it for you.


Make Him a Book

beauty, brown hair, girl, socialite, long hair, I mean who wouldn’t be fond of a personalized book? The book could include wonderful moments, jokes, embarrassments, nicknames and pictures. Anything that is creative will definitely meet the purpose of the book. This is advice to make the beautiful memories last!


Watch a Romantic Movie

human hair color, blond, girl, eyewear, mouth, Though you’re physically apart, that shouldn’t be a reason not to do things together. Decide on a movie, then lie down on the couch in a comfortable position and watch a romantic movie with your partner.

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Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Show up at His Doorstep

cuisine, girl, cook, food, service, If reading this list has made you so desperate, why don’t you plan a surprise trip? For anyone in a relationship, V-Day is surely a high spot for both of you. So pack your bags quickly and go meet your love! Apparently, paying a visit is the best gift he will ever receive.

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