What Job do Men and Women Find the Sexiest?


What Job do Men and Women Find the Sexiest?
What Job do Men and Women Find the Sexiest?

Don't assume that men only care about your looks. Most of them will care about your profession, as well. Even though different people are impressed by different things, Tinder has complied date in order to tell you which jobs are the most right-swiped on their dating app.

If you thought models were going to top the list, you'd be wrong. According to Go Tinder, here are the jobs that men and women find the sexiest:
Now you know what the opposite sex (and the same sex) is the most attracted to! What job do you find the sexiest of all?

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Come on, McDonald's is sexy!

Musician :p


lol.. teacher got 5th while model got 10...thats nice since i am looking for this job.. lol

How is "college student" a job...

Oh, men think being a college student is hot? lol thats a big surprise, I wonder why? Maybe young, single, fit, spring break, easily impressed...

HAHA speech language pathologist. Oh my god you sound so sexy with you're Oxford pronunciation. What about artists, dancers, writers, or musicians we're emotionally complex but we're oh so romantic. Or a florist, I'd love a florist 😍

Yes! I'm a teacher! Lol

How does one comply date?

I would have thought police officer would have came in there somewhere?

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