17 Flirting Moves Most Men Never Even Notice ...


17 Flirting Moves Most Men Never Even Notice ...
17 Flirting Moves Most Men Never Even Notice ...

There are certain flirting moves that we all use, even though our crushes are oblivious to them. We might think that we're being obvious about our emotions, but they'll remain clueless about how we feel, because they aren't paying enough attention. Here are a few flirting moves that most men never even notice:

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Staring If he catches you staring at him, he might think that you were just staring into space. Even if he knows that you were looking at him on purpose, he might think that there's just something in his teeth.


Playing with Your Hair

Playing with Your Hair A lot of girls play with their hair absentmindedly. So he might think that you're touching it, because it's a nervous habit.


Posting Sexy Pictures

Posting Sexy Pictures If you post sexy pictures on Instagram, he won't realize that you want him to like them. He might actually think that you're showing off for someone else.


Liking His Statuses

Liking His Statuses There are people he barely knows that like his statuses, so he won't think it's a big deal when you do the same thing. It's a pretty impersonal act.


Trying to Make Him Jealous

Trying to Make Him Jealous If you flirt with other men in front of him, he'll assume that you like other men. This flirting move tends to backfire.


Eating Suggestively

Eating Suggestively Women in movies can eat strawberries seductively, but if you try to do it, you might look a little silly. Then your crush won't have any idea you're attempting to flirt.


Texting Him First

Texting Him First Even if you're always the one to text first, he might not realize it. Not all men pay close attention to their phone habits.


Bumping into Him

Bumping into Him If you bump into him on purpose, he'll assume it was an accident. That means he won't think anything of it.


Laughing at Everything He Says

Laughing at Everything He Says If you laugh whenever he speaks, he'll assume that it's because he's hysterical. He won't realize that you're only laughing, because you like him.


Giving Subtle Compliments

Giving Subtle Compliments If you're going to compliment him, you should go all out. If you say something subtle about how funny he is, he won't think too much into it.



Smiling Smiling at him is a great idea, but it won't make him realize that you like him. After all, it's a friendly gesture. It's not inherently flirty.


Dressing Nice

Dressing Nice How is he supposed to know that you're dressing nice for him? He might think that it's the way you always dress.


Badmouthing Other Girls

Badmouthing Other Girls If you badmouth other girls in front of him, he might just think you're a nasty person. He won't have a clue that you're jealous and trying to make yourself look good in comparison.


Pretending to like What He Likes

Pretending to like What He Likes If you pretend to love the same bands as him, he won't realize you're lying. That means he'll have no clue that you're trying to impress him.


Asking for His Help

Asking for His Help Asking for his help is a great way to spend more time with him. However, it's a friendly request, so he won't know that you're interested in him.


Tagging Him

Tagging Him Flirting on social media doesn't have as big of an impact as flirting in "real life" does. That's why tagging him on Facebook might not give you the results you wanted.


Showing Skin

Showing Skin If you show skin, he won't necessarily know that you're doing it for his benefit. After all, there are plenty of other men that you'll run into throughout the day, so it would be cocky for him to assume you're showing off for him.

Some boys are just oblivious. That's why you might need to bluntly tell him how you feel if you ever want him to know. Are you struggling to make your crush realize how much you like him?

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yes I am struggling...eek; and I've been doing all of the things stated haha; any other suggestions? Other than bluntly saying it (there's no way I'm doing that) 😩

Are u sure???

@Theironbunny, you should find excuses to touch him a lot like play fighting. It's a nice way to come close physically

I think some guys do notice I used too make a boy jealous by flirting with someone else - now he is my boyfriend and he told me that he always loved it when I starred at him

I feel u bunny n chloe


I have had plenty of guys assume I was "flirting" just because I was nice. In reality I was literally just being nice lol. Anyways, it seems like the guys who you want to notice have no idea! My husband chased after me for a long time so I didn't have any problems with him knowing when I was flirty :)

Thanks Marcie, will give it a try 🙈

What else does that leave I am running out of options?😂

Eh. I think some guys notice. My ex said he loved when I would stare at him.. And when it comes to social media if the guy is into you he will definitely notice you liking his posts and tagging him..

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