What Most Romance Novels Get Wrong about Relationships ...


Romance novels are fun to read, but just like romantic comedies, they aren't always accurate. After all, it's called fiction for a reason. That's why you shouldn't feel bad about being single, instead of in a relationship that's filled with constant excitement and romance. After all, the latter is just not realistic. If you don't believe it, here are a few things that most romance novels get wrong about relationships:

1. Everyone Experiences Young Love

Everyone Experiences Young Love

Most novels follow young men and women who fall in love for the first time. Of course, you shouldn't let those novels convince you that you should be involved in an epic romance before you hit your 20s. If you're a teenager who's never been kissed, it's normal. There's nothing wrong with waiting until you're older to start your love story.

Love at First Sight Happens to Us All


Pat M
Yup. Romance novels should be labeled Romance Fantasy!
#6 is so true lmao
Brittany Baker
Hilarious! Love it!!
Haha lol these so true
Number one is very important. Most writers write about what didn't happen to them. Most romance novels are written by people who never married or committed to one person, and a lot of YA novels are ab...
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