What You'll Really Feel when You Lose Your Virginity ...


Losing your virginity is highly personal and, obviously, it's different for everyone. Every experience is unique, even when it's not – but there are also a few universal truths that most girls and women feel after they have sex for the first time – consensually. They're things you don't necessarily hear about, but they're nevertheless true – maybe not for everybody, and nobody experiences all of them, but you get what I mean, right? Do you recognize any of these feelings?

1. You'll Feel like Everybody Knows

You'll Feel like Everybody Knows

Everybody. You'll feel like you have a big neon sign on your forehead and an arrow pointing at your vagina.

But You'll Realize It Doesn't Matter as Much to Other People


Well, it makes me overthink things. Sounds crazy, I know there is no right time to go be away the VCard and not the whole world need to know. I met a guy, sweet, charming but I kinda feel like I want ...
Modern Day Audrey
I haven't done it yet but it is great to finally know what to expect, my friends made it sound horrible.
This article was great, it helped me understand what to expect :)
Unfortunately, he was my first everything: date, loss of vCard,...
💓 your comment Courtney! My first, at 27, was just someone that I wanted to have a relationship with. We were non-traditionally dating. He called it off due to grad school and work (I'm sure that d...
peony blue
Hahaha life eh!
*p.s., on a more physical note, it did hurt for me, lol. The hymen part of it
This was a good article. I do regret losing my virginity when I did; I admit it. I am not with the guy now and he was not the one God had set aside for me. I thought i was so in love with him but I re...
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