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Super Sexy Ways to Rev up Your Orgasms ...

By Neecey

An orgasm is such an amazing feeling you really do want to do everything you can to prolong the pleasure. Of course your partner (or your battery operated boyfriend) is instrumental in this but your own actions can boost your orgasm. Try these things:

1 Kegels

clothing, muscle, leg, mouth, arm, One of the ways to have a better orgasm is to make sure that you stay up to scratch with your kegel exercises. The facts are simple, the stronger pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger your orgasms are going to be. Just do some classic kegels for about 30 seconds three times a day and you might just start to feel some quick improvements in the bedroom!

2 Sense of Humour

person, image, man, mouth, muscle, Sometimes, if you are getting busy with somebody who takes sex super seriously, it can sort of kill the mood and lead to you not feeling as satisfied as you wanted to be. Having a sense of humor in the bedroom is really important because it means you can be honest and open with each other without being a buzz kill. Sex is a funny business, and sometimes if you treat it that way, you have much more fun!

3 Edging

hair, face, person, nose, mouth, Edging is the term used to describe playing with yourself, or being played with, to the point of orgasm without actually going over that hill and having one. Practising edging with your partner can help to build up the sexual feelings within you, leading to an eventual orgasm that is much bigger than one you might have had initially.

4 Experiment with Masturbation

human hair color, hair, human action, blond, nose, If you partner just isn’t doing it for you, then do a little experimentation of your own by masturbating and figuring out what it is that really gets you going. Once you know exactly what you like, you will be able to let your partner know and the both of you will start to have much more enjoyable time together under the covers.

5 Toys

person, photo shoot, writing, LZZL, Gone are the days when sex toys used to be seen as something of a controversial and taboo subject. As far as today’s sex world is concerned, the more accessories you have to give yourself a good time, the better! Achieving the best orgasm that you can should be the primary goal, and if it takes bringing in a couple of toys to help you (or you partner) along the way, then you should feel no shame in that. It’s all good, clean fun!

6 Exercise

human action, sports, dance, performing arts, physical fitness, It might not be a tip that you want to hear, but it is a scientific fact that the healthier you are overall, the better you orgasms are likely to be. Getting your blood pumping on a regular basis through cardio is a good way to ensure that your blood will be able to pump in a satisfying manner when it comes to bedtime activities. The better your circulation is, the stronger your orgasms are going to be.

7 Communication

black, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, darkness, At the end of the day, when it comes to sex it take two to tango, and you really need to be able to communicate with your partner about what you want, what you don’t want, and what is going to make your sex life more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to discuss with him. He wants to satisfy you as much as you want to be satisfied by him!

If you've never achieved orgasm trying these tips might help you reach it. If already had the pleasure, aim higher! Ooo can become ooo, ooo, ooooo!

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