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How to Ask for a Condom in 17 Different Languages ...

By Neecey

Like a scout, a woman should be prepared for any situation life throws at her. And if that unexpected interlude involves getting it on with a hottie you just can’t resist but just happens to not speak much English, you need to make sure you stay safe. Love really is all around so here is how to ask “do you have a condom” in various languages:

1 French

Sentence: T’as une capote?

Phonetic pronunciation: Ta oon kapot?

2 German

Sentence: Hast du kondome?

Phonetic pronunciation: Hast doo kondom?


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3 Spanish

Sentence: Tienes un condón?

Phonetic pronunciation: Tee-en-es oon kondon?

4 Mandarin

Sentence: Nǐ yǒu ānquántào ma?

Phonetic pronunciation: Nee yo an choo-an tao ma?

5 Russian

Sentence: Имеешь ли ты oдин презерватив?

Phonetic pronunciation: Im ayash li tu odin preservatif?

6 Dutch

Sentence: Heb je een condoom?

Phonetic pronunciation: Heb jeh oon kondom?

7 Romanian

Sentence: Ai un prezervativ?

Phonetic pronunciation: Eye oon preservativ?

8 Arabic

Sentence: هل لديك واقي حمل؟

Phonetic pronunciation: Hal ladaika waqi hamil?

9 Malay

Sentence: Adakah kondom tak?

Phonetic pronunciation: Add-a-kaa kondom tak?

10 Turkish

Sentence: Kondomun varmi?

Phonetic pronunciation: Kondo-mun var-mee?

11 Japanese

Sentence: コンドーム がありますか

Phonetic pronunciation: Raabaa ga arimasu ca?

12 Filipino

Sentence: Ang mayroom ng condom?

Phonetic pronunciation: Ang may-room kaa baa?

13 Portuguese

Sentence: Você tem camisinha?

Phonetic pronunciation: Vos-ey tem cam-is-sinya?

14 Greek

Sentence: έχετε ένα προφυλακτικό

Phonetic pronunciation: Echete ena profilaktiko?

15 Hindi

Sentence: आपके पास एक कंडोम होगा?

Phonetic pronunciation: Aapake paas ek kandom hoga?

16 Italian

Sentence: Hai un preservativo?

Phonetic pronunciation: H-eye oon preservativo?

17 Polish

Sentence: Czy masz prezerwatywe?

Phonetic pronunciation: Jay mash prezervativ-eh?

18 Ukranian

Sentence: у вас є презервативи?

Phonetic pronunciation: U vas ye prezervatyvy?

So now you are well prepared. Apologies if there are any errors. I avoided using Google translate because that can steer you wrong. I am no language expert so I am happy for native tongues to correct me. I don’t want any of our ladies going into a pharmacy and asking for a suppository instead of a condom! And if you speak a language not listed here please do share how to ask “do you have a condom~ so we can add it to the list.

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