17 Sexy Things to do with Your Man over Spring Break ...


It's almost time for spring break and you know what that means--plenty of free time to spend with your boyfriend! If you two can't afford to fly overseas together, then you should at least try to cross these other fun items off of your to-do list:

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Go Skinny Dipping

Go Skinny Dipping If you want to do something super sexy, try going swimming without wearing a bathing suit. If you have a pool in your backyard, that will be easy!


Make-out in Public

human action, person, black and white, monochrome photography, kiss, Push your luck by going to the mall and making out in public without getting caught. It's more difficult than it sounds!


Buy Toys for the Bedroom

Buy Toys for the Bedroom If you want to have some extra special fun in the bedroom, buy toys from an adult shop. It'll give you an experience like you've never had before.


Attempt Couple’s Yoga

Attempt Couple’s Yoga Use your free time to exercise. There are plenty of videos about couple's yoga on YouTube, so you won't even have to leave your house to try it.


Go Bathing Suit Shopping

Go Bathing Suit Shopping Your boyfriend is going to love watching you model different bikinis for him. Plus, you have to find a new bathing suit, anyway, so you might as well have him lend you a hand.


Take a Bath Together

Take a Bath Together If showering together sounds a little too dangerous, you can make a bubble bath and relax in it together. It'll be romantic!


Snap Seductive Shots Together

Snap Seductive Shots Together Instead of sending him nudes, you two should take seductive pictures together. It'll be fun to look back on them when you're older.


Go Clubbing

Go Clubbing Go out and dance with your hips pressed together. It'll be exciting to get frisky in public.


Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

red, plant, produce, food, strawberry, If you're hungry, make a sexy treat. There's nothing more romantic than strawberries dipped in melted chocolate.


Buy Body Paint

Buy Body Paint Buy some body paint and decorate each other's bodies. You can even buy the edible kind, so you can lick it off of each other.


Give Him a Massage

Give Him a Massage It doesn't matter if you know any professional massaging techniques. As long as you put your hands on his body, he'll be happy.


Sketch Each Other

Sketch Each Other You think The Titanic is romantic, don't you? Then take a page out of Leo's book and sketch your partner naked.


Read an Erotic Novel

Read an Erotic Novel Head to the bookstore to find a novel you both find intriguing. Then take turns reading it.


Have a Nude Date

Have a Nude Date If you have the house to yourself, try having a nude date. No clothes allowed!


Take a Late Night Drive

screenshot, There's nothing more fun than aimlessly driving around town with your windows down. You can even find a spot to park and make-out.


Rent a Hotel Room

Rent a Hotel Room If you have enough money to book a room for the night, do so. Then you'll have complete privacy.


Drink Your Favorite Alcohol

Drink Your Favorite Alcohol If you're old enough and responsible enough to drink, then buy a bottle to pass the time. You could even play a drinking game together!

If you do any or all of these things, you'll make memories that'll last a lifetime! What are you and your boyfriend planning on doing over spring break?

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thankyou Holly for those ideas..love them and im getting excited to try them with my boyfriend!! I always love your post....

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