The 1 Tip You Need for Better Sex Based on Your Zodiac ...


The 1 Tip You Need for Better Sex Based on Your Zodiac ...
The 1 Tip You Need for Better Sex Based on Your Zodiac ...

Want to know how each zodiac sign can have better sex in 2018? If you are lucky enough to be having sex on a regular basis with someone that you really like, then it would be fair to say that you already have it pretty great! When it comes to the bedroom department, you should never settle into a routine of thinking that you have your special moves and positions down, because as soon as you start to get too comfortable, sex can go from amazing to ordinary in no time at all! You should always be looking to find ways to spice things up and add a spark. Here is how each zodiac sign can have better sex in 2018.

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You are an efficient person in life, but when it comes to sex this year, you would really benefit from slowing things down and taking your time.


For Aries, it's all about savoring the moment and building the anticipation. Let your impulsive nature take a back seat and indulge in extended foreplay. Be mindful, explore your partner's desires as well as your own, and discover new depths in your physical connection. This practice of patience will not only heighten your pleasure but also bring a deeper intimacy to your relationship. Remember, good things come to those who wait, and in this case, the payoff will be well worth the extra time spent under the sheets.



You have a tendency to be kind of detached emotionally, so improve sex in 2018 by upping the intimacy in your encounters.



Indulge the explorer inside of you by getting much more handsy this year, sex doesn’t always have to be about the final act!



You are a natural giver, so why not try to focus more on yourself when it comes to sex? Be more vocal about what you want and things will be much more pleasurable.



You are vocal in life, so it’s time to be vocal in bed too! Try out some dirty talk with your partner, as well as being vocal and telling them what you like and what you want more of.



You are someone with a lot of ambition and creativity, so bring this to the bedroom by committing to living out some of your deepest fantasies!



You tend to be very naturally shy, but the bedroom is no place for this! Try to engage all of your senses in the act of lovemaking rather than just touch.


Librans, as lovers of balance and harmony, your natural inclination towards partnership can truly blossom when you let your guard down. Embrace vulnerability to enhance intimacy with your partner. Use the power of your sign’s ruling planet, Venus, to tap into the sensual and the aesthetic. Set the mood with soft lighting, silky sheets, and perhaps a playlist that resonates with both your hearts. The key is to create an environment that reflects the beauty you seek in every aspect of life. Remember, the most fulfilling connections are those where you can be completely yourself—inhibitions aside.



You are a natural risk taker, so why not be a little crazy and start testing your luck a little? Sex in a public or semi-public place can be so erotic!



Up to now, you have had a pretty PG-13 sex life, but 2018 is the year to start living a little more R rated! Take some playful risks with your partner and see which ones pay off.



You are usually full of family plans when it comes to big annual occasions, but this year you have to promise to indulge in some down and dirty birthday sex before the plans start being put into action!



You have a hard time being away from your partner, so you should be experimenting with some things that can heat up a long distance connection. Lots of phone sex, a little FaceTime action, all of the good stuff!



Indulge your creative and literary side by having your partner tend to your needs whilst trying to read a book aloud. See how far you can get through a chapter before your attention is fully seized!

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