The Sex Position Your Zodiac Sign Must Try ...


The Sex Position Your Zodiac Sign Must Try ...
The Sex Position Your Zodiac Sign Must Try ...

When it comes to sex, there are probably more positions that you realise, more than you could try in an entire year! Sure, we are all pretty familiar with the basics, and we might push the boat out on special occasions or when we are feeling particularly frisky, but there are probably entire categories of crazy positions that you have never even seen or thought about before! Just think about all of the fun and pleasure that you could be missing out on! Here is the sex position your zodiac sign must try.

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Sometimes you are more confident with your body and your movements when you don’t feel like you have to make a lot of eye contact with your partner, so something like the reverse cowgirl can really let you loose.


In the eagerness of an Aries to take the reins and showcase their fiery passion, the reverse cowgirl isn't just about avoiding eye contact—it allows for that domineering edge to come to play. This position is perfect as it grants you the liberty to set the pace and rhythm, giving you control, which is where an Aries thrives. Enjoy the freedom of movement and the power you hold in this dynamic, as it aligns perfectly with your bold and adventurous spirit. Plus, it adds that extra thrill of mystery for both you and your partner.



You want things to be as intimate as they can be, the emotional side of sex is the part that satisfies you the most. Try out the reverse scoop, which is kind of like missionary but you are both on your sides. Lots of eye contact!


Taurus is an earth sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This sign is known for their love of comfort and security, and this extends to their sex life. They crave intimacy, and want to feel deeply connected to their partner.

The reverse scoop is the perfect position for Taurus. It’s an intimate, cozy position that allows for lots of eye contact. Taurus will love the closeness of this position, and the ability to be in control.

In this position, the partner on the bottom lies on their side, with the partner on the top lying perpendicular to them. The partner on the bottom can use their arm to support the partner on the top, and the partner on the top can use their legs to hold the partner on the bottom. This position allows for deep penetration and creates a feeling of closeness.

The reverse scoop is ideal for Taurus, as it allows them to be close to their partner while still being in control. This position allows for a slow and steady rhythm, which Taurus loves. The ability to look into each other’s eyes and feel connected is something that Taurus values greatly in the bedroom.



If you haven’t already tried doggie style, then now is the time. It’s a position that really lets you feel like you are being owned and dominated by your partner, and you have a sexy submissive side.


Gemini’s dualistic nature can make the experience all the more electrifying as they revel in the contrasts of power dynamics. With their adventurous spirit, doggie style can be spiced up with playful teasing and varied paces. Communicative in the bedroom, Geminis can use their verbal skills to enhance the connection with their partner, guiding them to those sweet spots. As they adapt to the rhythm, they'll find pleasure in the unpredictability and intense trust that this position fosters. It's a thrilling ride that caters perfectly to their desire for a deeply sensual and mentally stimulating encounter.



You always have to be doing a little extra in every aspect of life, including sex! Something like trying out the wheelbarrow is exactly your kind of crazy test!



You need as much fire and passion in your bedroom activities as the fierceness of the lion that represents you! Missionary is fine, but you can make it super hot and exciting by using things like handcuffs and blindfolds.


Leos love to take the spotlight and enjoy a grand performance between the sheets. As kings and queens of the zodiac jungle, incorporating a bit of role-playing can elevate the experience to regal heights. Imagine you're the ruler and your partner is there to serve your every whim and desire. This isn't just about ego—it's about fully embodying your powerful, confident self in the most intimate settings. Be generous, too; your magnanimity in the bedroom will ensure the experience is unforgettable for your partner, making them feel like royalty as well. Remember, a satisfied Leo is a happy lion indeed.



You are a fan of anything efficient and precise, so get on top of him for a change and dictate exactly the pace and rhythm that you like.


As a Virgo, your attention to detail and high standards can translate into a meticulous and methodical approach in the bedroom. Embrace your inner control expert by guiding your partner's movements to ensure ultimate satisfaction for both of you. With your need for perfection, don't hesitate to give gentle, but clear instructions—it's all about creating that flawless experience. Remember, your desire for cleanliness and order can also mean you'd enjoy a setup that's both physically and mentally organized. Creating a serene, clutter-free environment will enhance your focus and pleasure. So clear the clutter, plan your approach, and prepare for a night of refined passion.



You are all about making sure that both you and your partner put equal work in and get equal pleasure, so why not make it a literal yin-yang with some sexy 69ing?


As a Libra, your quest for harmony extends to the bedroom, where balance in giving and receiving is essential. The 69 position perfectly symbolizes the equilibrium you thrive on. Both partners actively participate, pleasuring each other simultaneously, creating a loop of mutual satisfaction that resonates with your innate sense of fairness. It's a titillating give-and-take that reflects your zodiac's intrinsic desire for symmetry and partnership. Let the scales tip in favor of both passion and parity, ensuring that your intimate encounters are as balanced as your outlook on life.



You prefer to be in absolute control, so why not change things up in a big way by introducing some sex toys that you can use on your partner?


Scorpio, your passionate energy craves an intense connection with your partner, so why not explore the depths of pleasure with a little help from the toy box? Vibrators or restraints can be excellent tools to ramp up the intimacy. Take the reins and experiment with different sensations, ensuring that every touch is laced with the perfect mix of pleasure and control. Remember, consent is key, so have an open dialogue with your partner about boundaries and desires. This could be the thrilling twist that takes your bedroom dynamics to scorching new heights.



You are all about the anticipation and build up rather than the final act, so how about trying some of your favourite foreplay in not so suitable locations? Public sex acts are super hot, if you are careful about it!



It can take you a little while to get comfortable when it comes to sex, so the perfect position for you to try is the spoon. It’s literally spooning which will make you feel safe an relaxed, with the added pleasure of actual penetration as well!


As a born strategist, Capricorn, you know the value of patience and pacing. It's about building a foundation and gradually increasing intensity, which is why the spoon resonates with your methodical approach. The comfort it brings allows you to maintain control and slowly explore your partner's body as trust builds. If you’re looking to enhance this experience, why not add a little twist by reaching around for some intimate caresses? This added intimacy also aligns with your need for a strong emotional connection, proving that sometimes, the best pleasures truly come to those who wait.



You are all about verbal communication in all areas of life, so missionary should be your go-to, where you can be face to face, but this time try to add in some sexy dirty talk to really spice things up.


Aquarius individuals are known for their love of communication, and missionary is the perfect position to take advantage of that. Not only can you be face to face, but you can also add some extra spice to the experience with some sexy dirty talk. This position also allows for plenty of eye contact, which is essential for Aquarius individuals to feel connected. To make the experience even more enjoyable, try adding a few pillows under your partner's hips to give them extra lift and support. This will also provide deeper penetration and allow for deeper intimacy.



You are a natural born giver, you’ll do anything to give your partner the most pleasure possible, so perhaps a little anal might be on the cards? I promise you’ll like it to if you both take things nice and slow!

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