The Type of Liar Your Man is Based on His Zodiac ...

We all want to be with someone who is completely open and honest with us no matter what. Some of us have that already and that's awesome! But others of us struggle to find honesty and truth amidst the lies. Whether they're trust issues you experience from previous relationships, or your man has a history of being unfaithful; has compiled what type of liar or secret keeper your man is based on his star sign.

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

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If your Aries boyfriend is hiding things from you, he'll try to distract you from asking too many questions or suspecting that something is up. Although his life is already full of activities, his activity level will increase even more and he'll probably include you in more. He may challenge you to a game of tennis or chess or arrange that weekend getaway you've been talking about forever. However, if he feels cornered at all, he'll be impatient, will lash out, and may do something a bit dangerous.

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