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Comparing How a Relationship is like a Job ...

By Curtis

There are lots of reasons why a relationship is like a job. I’ve run across women who say “relationships are work!” I’ve always asked why do they feel and believe that, and the response, I believe, falls short of their comment. The truth of the matter is, relationships are a full-time job.

You may not see your relationship as a job but it is. Every day you check in with your significant other, letting him know where you’re at and how you are doing. The disagreements you both have are a whole different story, but that is the hardest part of the job sometimes. The same goes for you having to check on your significant other. Both of you have a life, yet both of you are living your lives together. If you’re married, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The best thing about your job are the “benefits”. You get to work at your own pace, you can take a break whenever you want, your pay is unbelievable (and I’m talking about the Benjamin’s). On top of it all, you’re working with someone who aspires to the same things you do. When your co-worker is sick, you visit them and tend to their needs and vice versa. When your co-worker is down, you’re there to help pick up the slack. You both are bosses, but of your own world. You can compromise and reach a business agreement. What job can you get that has that type of atmosphere? And what answer for why a relationship is like a job?

All jobs, however, do have those bad days. You want nothing to do with your co-worker or the job. I totally understand why you may want a sick leave. But the problem with this job and taking a sick leave, is you leaving your co-worker in the dark and not allowing him to help with the workload. We have those days and we find a way to make it through the day. All I’m saying is to allow your co-worker to be the person that he applied to the position for.

Yes, relationships are a job with great benefits and some bad days. You applied for the job as your significant other did and know what is required for the position. There is no HR, manager, or supervisor. Both of you are those positions. Manage your relationship and find a way to work together because if you don’t, neither you nor your significant other will have a job.

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