Logical Reasons Why He's Not Texting Back ...


Logical Reasons Why He's Not Texting Back ...
Logical Reasons Why He's Not Texting Back ...

Wondering why he isn't texting back Ladies, we’ve all been at this point. You meet a new guy and things are going well for you two. But all of a sudden he stops texting you and you start freaking out. You might even rapidly text him without even realizing it. When he finally texts back you ask where he’s been and he either says he was busy or avoids the question entirely. But, why does he disappear all of a sudden? Could he still be interested in you? Well, we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Here's why he isn't texting back.

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He’s Busy

face, text, facial expression, smile, black and white, The simple fact that he's busy is probably the biggest reason why he isn't texting back. Guys don’t realize how much it breaks up apart when they don’t text back right away. We get nervous and freak out all at once over him doing something else. Guys aren’t the best at texting and will forget to let you know they’re busy or will just tell you something else. They mostly communicate more with actions than words.


He Wants Some Alone Time

sitting, beauty, shoulder, furniture, arm, Guys need space from women in order to live their daily lives. They have plans for their day besides texting you. If he has any kind of social life he’s going to be doing other things during the day. Guys get exhausted trying to talk with a woman 24/7 nonstop. Plus it gives him more time to think about you.


You’re Being “needy”

album cover, poster, pin up girl, muscle, I know no one wants to hear this, but it has to be said. If you’re constantly wondering what he’s doing and why he’s not texting you, you’re doing the worst thing you can do. In fact, if you text him constantly and ask him where he is and why he hasn’t texted you, then you’ll be suffocating him. The next thing is he’ll call you needy. I know you’re excited about texting the guy and everything is going well, but don’t overdo it or else it’ll drive him away.


You’re Not a Priority

purple, water, text, font, poster, If you just met a guy and you don’t know him that well, then chances are he doesn’t see you as a priority yet. This could range from what he values to who else he could be seeing if you guys aren’t committed to each other. Guys have other things to do and some won’t consider talking to you as an important thing. This all depends on the guy and how long you’ve known each other.


He’s Not Interested

text, cartoon, black and white, technology, human behavior, If a guy hasn’t texted you or called you for a week, he’s not interested or not interested anymore. It has nothing to do with you, but guys can sometimes move on or change their minds and assume the best way to tell you is to not text or call you. This method is called “ghosting.” It happens often when you first meet a guy and he rarely contacts you anymore. All of a sudden he’s gone, like he just disappeared. Ladies don’t wait for a guy that takes that long to contact you. You need to move on and accept it.


His Phone Died

red, black, text, light, product, Believe it or not, sometimes guys’ phones die and if they're busy they end up never texting you back. This isn’t necessarily always considered a bad thing though. If he tells you what happened when he finally texts you, then it could’ve just been something that happened. Guys aren’t perfect, ladies. If this really bothers you then talk to him about it. If you don’t let him know how it makes you feel, then he won’t be able to guess your reaction if it happens again.


He’s Asleep

stuffed toy, teddy bear, sleep, bedtime, nap, This happens more often than you think. If he doesn’t text back for a few hours it could be that he’s just taking a nap or that he’s actually sleeping for the night. I recommend not sending him angry texts because he’ll see them the instant he wakes up and you’ll regret it. Sometimes guys will tell you if they’re taking a nap or fell asleep and others don’t. I’d say don’t get offended or turn something small into something big.


You’re Overreacting

product, text, product design, font, brand, Finally, if nothing else makes sense, then you’re probably reading too much into it. If the guy likes you, he’ll most likely explain himself n you and assure you he didn’t mean to do it. Every guy is different and will communicate with you in different ways. It also depends on if you two have built a foundation of trust yet. There is no foundation if you two just met because nothing has been established. Your relationship to each other will either make you question that foundation or further embrace it.

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