Logical πŸ’‘ Reasons Why He's Not 🚫 Texting Back πŸ“± ...

Wondering why he isn't texting back Ladies, we’ve all been at this point. You meet a new guy and things are going well for you two. But all of a sudden he stops texting you and you start freaking out. You might even rapidly text him without even realizing it. When he finally texts back you ask where he’s been and he either says he was busy or avoids the question entirely. But, why does he disappear all of a sudden? Could he still be interested in you? Well, we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Here's why he isn't texting back.

1. He’s Busy

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The simple fact that he's busy is probably the biggest reason why he isn't texting back. Guys don’t realize how much it breaks up apart when they don’t text back right away. We get nervous and freak out all at once over him doing something else. Guys aren’t the best at texting and will forget to let you know they’re busy or will just tell you something else. They mostly communicate more with actions than words.

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