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Embrace Solo Living with These Lifesaving Tips on Why Its Awesome to Be Single at Christmas ...

By Sici

I'm going to tell you why it's awesome to be single at Christmas. For some reason, there seems to a trend and belief that if you are single at Christmas, it is the worst thing that could possibly be happening in your life! Well, I am here to tell you that that simply isn’t true. Why should being single in December be any different from being single in August? In fact, to buck the usual rhetoric around this subject, I happen to believe that not only is it completely fine and acceptable to be single during the festive period, it is actually awesome! If you are single right now and are dreading Christmas thanks to the usual boring stereotypes, then take a look at my list of reasons why it's awesome to be single at Christmas.

Table of contents:

  1. Food freedom!
  2. No fight worry
  3. Fewer gifts to buy
  4. New year, new you
  5. No hard decisions
  6. Christmas party flirting!

1 Food Freedom!

Eating whatever you want is one of the best reasons why it's awesome to be single at Christmas. When you are dating someone over the holidays, it can sometimes be tempting to limit your food consumption in order to retain some of that demure mystery that you have cultivated. When you are single, however, you are completely free to stuff your face with all and any festive foods that you wish without a second thought! After all, half the joy of Christmas is all of the amazing food on offer!

2 No Fight Worry

When you are single at Christmas, you don’t have to worry about the prospect of your seasonal cheer being ruined or damped by a silly fight that could have been avoided. Nope, you don’t have anyone to clash heads with, and therefore you are able to enjoy Christmas in exactly the way that you want to rather than having to compromise.

3 Fewer Gifts to Buy

Being single at Christmas can save you a big chunk of cash! We always want to go overboard when it comes to buying gifts for a spouse, but if you are flying solo at this time of the year, you don’t have to worry about pulling out all the stops to buy a great gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Treat yourself instead!

4 New Year, New You

You can go into the New Year with lots of personal goals in mind, rather than having to think about where your partner is going to come into things. January is the perfect month for self-reflection and setting personal targets, and this can be achieved more effectively when you are single.

5 No Hard Decisions

When you don’t have a partner at Christmas, there is no need to worry about upsetting your own family because you know that you will be spending the holidays with them. Some parents take it hard when you decide to go to your in-laws for the big day, but being single removes any of that complication from your life.

6 Christmas Party Flirting!

When you are single, you are completely free to mingle with anybody who takes your fancy at the office Christmas party! When the drinks are flowing and the mistletoe is around, it can be fun to let loose and not have to worry about a partner at home.

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