Why 💁‍♀️ do Women Choose 🔍 Bad Boys 💔 ?


Wondering why women choose bad boys? I have three hypotheses as to why the bad boys win over those good guys who finish last. Ok? Let's talk! Here's why women choose bad boys.

1. It's a Defense Mechanism

Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological phenomena put in place to protect our well-being from threats to our state-of-being. For example, when someone simply cannot deal with a recent breakup, they might exhibit the defense mechanism called denial (or refusing to accept reality) by unconsciously pretending that the relationship did not end. In the case of liking the bad boy, a defense mechanism called acting out may be the culprit (especially in the case of teenage girls or women still trapped in psychological adolescent conflict).

Acting out is a defense mechanism in which extreme behavior is performed in order to express thoughts or feelings otherwise thought to be discarded. For example, a child may act out using a temper tantrum in order to communicate to parents that he or she is angry. In the case of choosing the bad boy, a teenager may choose this boy to send a message to her parents, family, community, or society. What she really wants to express might be something like this, "You cannot control me and I will do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want." But instead of expressing this directly, she may choose to date a boy with a bad reputation. Now don't forget that even though I say teen, this hypothesis can be relevant to women who are still immersed in their adolescent wounds.

Choosing the Bad Boy is Choosing Your First Love: a Parent/caregiver
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