Genius Reasons to Date an Older Man ...


Genius Reasons to Date an Older Man  ...
Genius Reasons to Date an Older Man  ...

There are lots of reasons to date an older man. The best part about dating when you are single and ready to mingle is that there is such a large ocean to dip into, with so many different kinds of guys to take out for a test run! You will probably have the most experience with dating men in an age range very close to your own. That makes the most sense from a common interests and shared experience point of view, but have you ever considered breaking out of your comfort zone and venturing further away from your own age group? Some people like to go younger to relive some of their own past feelings and experiences, but I happen to think that when it comes to dating, you should always experience dating an older man! Here are all the best reasons to date an older man.

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Makes You Feel Young

Dating an older man can have the automatic effect of making you feel much younger, and this can be a wonderful confidence boost if you are feeling down on yourself and are becoming jaded in the dating game! In fact, feeling young is one of the best reasons to date an older man.


There Are More Conversation Topics

He will have more life experience and probably more areas of interest, which means that the conversation between the two of you will be much more exciting and interesting than with someone younger. You might even learn something!


He Has His Own Place

He will most likely have his own place, which is always a plus! When you date someone in their early or mid-twenties, they might still be living with their parents or sharing with roommates, and this just isn’t as romantic and comfortable as having their own place!


He Has Found Himself

An older man has already gone through all of his growth and personality changes, so there is much less chance of him becoming a completely different person while you are together.


He’s Sure of His Life Direction

He won’t be floundering in a pool of non-ambition like some younger guys tend to do, he will be on a strong career path and he already knows where he is going in life. It can be frustrating to date someone who doesn’t know what their purpose is!


He is Less Appearance Obsessed

Older guys tend to be more comfortable in their own skin, less interested in keeping up with all the latest trends and more focused on sticking with what they like and what they know suits them.


He is Mature

Maturity is a big factor in dating an older man. Women tend to be more mature than men their own age, especially in their 20s, so you might find that an older guy will be able to match your level in a much more satisfying way!


He’s Less Inclined to Jealousy

He’s already been there and done that, so you will notice that an older man doesn’t get unnecessarily jealous over tiny, stupid things like a younger guy might do.


He is Well Mannered

If he was brought up in a different generation, then the chances are that he is going to be much better mannered than all of these cocky millennial kids out there!

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