How to Make a Man Miss You Video ...


How to Make a Man Miss You  Video ...
How to Make a Man Miss You  Video ...

Wondering how to make a man miss you? Dr. Antonio Borrello is a psychologist and dating/relationship coach with 6 tips to give to you to make him miss you madly! Published on August 21, 2017, this video will send you in the right direction by a smart, not to mention, cute, down-to-earth guy.

Starting, are you not too sure what to expect? You miss him, but does he miss you? How do you make changes to the ball game to be in your corner and make him miss you?

Just start showing it!

Examples of how to make a man miss you:

Are you not feeling appreciated?
Are you far apart and want to jack it up a bit?
Did you break up?
Do you just flat out like him?

Dr. Borrello's video can apply to all of these situations!

Missing someone is a yearning for physical or emotional intimacy from a specific person but not getting it. Thus, the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Being away from someone simply makes you miss them more.

Onto the YouTube video:

To discuss his tips...

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Give Him Something to Miss!

You've got to show him that you are the best. Rock his world. But, don't tell him you miss him. This is one of the best ideas for how to make a man miss you.


Connect Emotionally

We open up when we feel safe and when we take risks. So make a safety zone for him to be himself. He'll be lonely without you.


Create Some Space

When he calls at the last minute, be unavailable. If you've rocked his world, he'll miss you.


Put Yourself First

Take the attention off of him and onto you. Do hobbies and socialize.


Be Mysterious

Don't explain all about your day. Make him wonder. Share bits and pieces and make him earn your trust.


Become Less Interested, after a Disagreement or Argument

He will fight harder for your attention.

Borrello knows what you are about to say... "but he'll find someone else" are fearing rejection. If it is meant to be, it will.

Basically, what I concluded from this video, is that you have to keep your relationship like the kitchen spice rack, using a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make the recipe's flavor perfect.

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