8 Romantic πŸ’‘ French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Phrases πŸ’¬ to Share with Your so πŸ’– ...

I'm going to give you some romantic French phrases to share with your SO. French is what they call the language of love. May you use these romantic phrases in your day to day work. I hope you remember your beau as you read the following romantic French phrases to share with your SO. Merci!

1. Toi Et Moi

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You and me.

2. L’amoire L’emporte

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Love wins.

3. Vers L’infini Et Au-dela

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To infinity and beyond.

4. Plus Forts Ensemble

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Stronger together.

5. Tu Me Manques

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I miss you.

6. Je T’aime Por Toujours

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I will love you forever.

7. Entre Deux CΕ“urs Qui S’aiment, Nul Besoin De Paroles

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Two hearts in love need no words.

8. Le Seul Vrai Langage Au Monde Est Un Baiser

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The only true language in the world is a kiss.

How about you? What other romantic short phrases can you use when addressing your beau, when you talking to your friends about your story? Hit the comments section and let's learn the French language together. β™₯

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