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17 Words to Amp up the Dirty Talk ...

By Holly

You shouldn't be embarrassed to talk dirty with your partner. He's someone that you should feel comfortable around. Besides, dirty talk isn't as complicated as it sounds. All you really have to do is vocalize your thoughts. If you're not sure how, here are a few words that'll amp up the dirty talk:

1 Love

Love It's important to give him positive reinforcement, so that he continues to do the things that turn you on. Tell him that you love the way he touches your chest, kisses your neck, and plays with your hair.

2 Want

Want Dirty talk is a way for you to order him around without sounding bossy. Tell him what you want him to do to you in detail, and then he'll do it.


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3 Need

Need Everything will sound a little more intense when you replace the word "want" with "need." It'll make it sound like you're dying for him to touch you and can't wait a second longer for it to happen.

4 Sexy

Sexy Don't forget to toss compliments at him. The more confident he feels during sex, the better the experience will be for the both of you.

5 Delicious

Delicious Not everything is about looks. Instead of telling him how hot he is, tell him how delicious his lips (or his genitals) taste.

6 Kiss

Kiss Don't hold back. Tell him where you want to kiss him and where you want him to kiss you.

7 Lick

Lick Make sure you use this word, especially if you're hoping to engage in oral sex. It'll make your intentions clear.

8 Touch

Touch He won't know where to touch you unless you tell him. Make sure you speak your mind.

9 Grab

Grab Grabbing is a little more forceful than touching, which is why this word is perfect for women who like things rough. Tell him exactly where to grab you, whether it's on your waist or your wrists.

10 Now

Now When you give him an order, tell him to do it "now." The sense of urgency will turn him on.

11 Yeah

Yeah Make sure you use as many "oohs" and "ahhs" as you can. Just don't fake them. Let your moans pop out of your mouth naturally so that they don't sound forced.

12 [his Name]

[his Name] The sexiest word that can leave your mouth is his name. The worst thing that could leave your mouth is another man's name.

13 Wet

Wet Let him know how wet you are. Even better, grab his hand and let him feel it for himself.

14 Turned on

Turned on Even though it'll be obvious that you're turned on, it can't hurt to say the words. He'll love to hear them out loud.

15 Taste

Taste If you want him to go down on you, all you have to do is tell him that you want him to taste you. It's as simple as that.

16 Faster

Faster Tell him to go faster or harder, depending on what you actually want him to do. He'll be turned on by your instructions.

17 Dominate

Dominate Men like to have control in the bedroom, and most women prefer their men to take control in the bedroom. That's why you'll both benefit if you tell him to dominate you.

Don't be afraid to talk dirty, because it's not as scary as it sounds! What other words do you use when you talk dirty with your boyfriend?

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