Cringe Worthy Pickup Lines That Need to Be Trashed ASAP ...


Cringe Worthy Pickup Lines That Need to Be Trashed ASAP ...
Cringe Worthy Pickup Lines That Need to Be Trashed ASAP ...

Some pickup lines only have one place. The bin! You might have to give credit to the guy for at least trying. Actually strike that. If he thinks you’re worth using a pick up line on, he should make an effort and not just crack out some cheese. These are the pickup lines we hope to never hear.

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Did It Hurt when You Fell All the Way from Heaven?

person, singer, supermodel, singing,


Are You Tired? You Should Be, Because You’ve Been Running through My Thoughts All Day!

red, guitarist, mant, whatever,


You Should Be Arrested for Grand Theft, Because You’ve Sure as Hell Stolen My Heart!

performing arts, entertainment, art, singing, singer,


I Must Be a Snowflake in a Winter Storm, Because I Have Fallen Hard for You!

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, nose,


Hey Could You Help? There is Something Wrong with My Cell Phone:your Number Isn’t’ in It!

person, eyebrow, blond, profession, singer,


Your Parents Must Be Great Artists or Amazing Thieves, Because You Are an Absolute Masterpiece!

person, emotion, singing, Boring,


Let’s Make a Deal. I’ll Cook You Dinner if You Cook Me Breakfast in the Morning

person, READY, FOR, LOVE, iN,


Hey There, People Call Me John, but You? You Can Call Me Tonight!

hair, hairstyle, costume, ll, IL,


Wow, Amazing Hair. the Only Way It Would Look Better is if It Were Resting on My Pillow!

person, facial expression, blond, singing, smile,


I’ve Got a Handful of Skittles in My Mouth. Feel like Tasting the Rainbow?

person, hair, profession, brown hair, finger,


Do You Happen to Be from Tennessee? Because You Are Definitely the Only Ten I See around Here!

ukulele, This, is, bullshit,, man.,


I Hate to Be Blunt, but Could You Tell Your Boobs to Stop Staring at My Eyes!?

person, profession, book, official, You,


Do You Happen to Have a Map? Because I’m Completely Lost in Your Eyes!

person, profession, official, HUH?,


I Would Offer to Buy You a Drink, but I Think I Would Be Too Jealous of the Glass!

hair, FOX41, WDRB,


From 1 to 10, What Are the Chances I’m Going to See You Naked Tonight?

person, film, profession, singing, aaa,


Wow, Girl, You Are so Hot That Even My Zipper is Falling for You!

person, surgeon, profession, professional,


I Know We’re Not Socks, but I Think Together We Could Make a Really Great Pair!

person, santa claus,


Thank God I Decided to Wear My Gloves Today, Because Otherwise You Would Be Too Hot to Handle!

person, film, singing, singer,,


You Must Be an Architect, Because You Just Erected an Iconic Monument inside My Pants!

person, black and white, guitarist, album cover, singing,


Girl, if You Were a Drug, I’d Be Long Dead from an Overdose!

person, hair, hairstyle, profession,,


Excuse Me, do You Have a Band-Aid? Because I Just Scraped My Knee Falling for You!

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, muscle,

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Back, then you need to see an eye Dr as your vision is obviously f--kd up

Hahahah lol I'm using all this to creep some friends out

I got once "Hey beautiful, you look just like my future girlfriend" I answered

Going to use the fifth one on my crush

No, but I sure was tired after I ascended from Hell 😂

Wow ridiculous lol!!

"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"

These are actually really funny! Hahahaha I am gunna start using some!

Hahaha the gifs made these even funnier

What is fifth one on your crush

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