15 Wonderfully Seductive Words to Use when Flirting with That Special Someone ...


15 Wonderfully Seductive Words to Use when Flirting with That Special Someone ...
15 Wonderfully Seductive Words to Use when Flirting with That Special Someone ...

If you want to flirt with someone, you have to do more than push out your chest and bat your eyes. The words that you use are just as important as the body language that you use. That's why you should try to slip these seductive words into conversation while flirting:

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Compatible technically means, "able to exist or occur together without conflict." Of course, saying that you're compatible with someone is the same thing as saying you have chemistry with them. It means that you're perfect together!


The concept of compatibility in relationships is often seen as a crucial factor in determining the success and longevity of a romantic connection. This is because compatibility refers to the ability of two individuals to coexist without conflict, and this is often a key element in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. When two people are compatible, it means that they have a natural understanding and connection with each other, which can lead to a strong and lasting bond. In the context of flirting, using words that convey compatibility can be a powerful tool in building attraction and sparking a romantic interest in someone. It suggests that the two individuals have a natural chemistry and are perfect for each other, making it an effective way to express interest and create a sense of mutual understanding.



Yearning means, "a feeling of intense longing for something." Of course, if you're not a fan of the word, you can substitute it with "longing," "craving," or even "thirst."



In the context of flirting, yearning can be a powerful emotion to convey to someone you are interested in. It can show that you have a deep desire for them and can create a sense of longing and anticipation. Using words like yearning or craving can also add a seductive and passionate tone to your flirting. These words can be particularly effective when used in a romantic setting or when expressing your feelings for someone. However, it's important to use these words sincerely and with caution, as they can also come across as overly intense or insincere if not used genuinely.



Ravish means, "to fill someone with intense delight." That's why you can tell your crush that you're going to ravish him once you two are alone.


Ravish is a word that can be used to describe intense delight or pleasure in a romantic or sexual context. It can be used to express a desire to fully satisfy and please someone, making it a perfect word to use when flirting with a special someone. This word can also be used to convey a sense of passion and excitement, making it a great choice for those looking to add a little spice to their flirting game. In addition, ravish can also be used to describe someone who is incredibly attractive and captivating, adding an extra layer of seduction to its meaning. So next time you're looking to flirt with that special someone, consider using the word "ravish" to express your intense desire and delight in them.



Aroused means, "to evoke or awaken a feeling." It sounds much more mature than "turned on" or "horny," which is why it's a great word to use while flirting.


Using the word aroused suggests a deeper, more sophisticated attraction. It directly taps into the essence of sensuality, stoking the flames of desire without being crass. When you whisper to someone that they've aroused your interest, it's both an invitation and a compliment—a recognition of the magnetic pull between the two of you. This word carries with it an air of intrigue and emotional depth, perfect for a moment when you're aiming to create an ambiance charged with sophisticated flirtation.



Risqué means, "slightly indecent or liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive." So if you want to kiss your crush in a public place, you can consider it a risqué location.


Experimenting with risqué dialogue or behavior can add an exhilarating edge to flirting. However, it's important to gauge the comfort level of your crush before venturing into daring territory. Teasing with a hint of mischief and sauciness can electrify the atmosphere between the two of you, turning mundane moments into a titillating dance of words and glances. Just remember, the key is to be cheeky without crossing any boundaries—keeping it light, fun, and most importantly, consensual.



Suggestive means, "making someone think of sex and sexual relationships." The next time that your crush says something seemingly innocent, and you have the urge to make a "that's what she said" joke, you should ask him if he's being suggestive instead.


When trying to decipher whether a comment is flirty or not, pay close attention to their tone and facial expressions. A coy smile, a knowing glance, or a playful wink can all signal that your conversation has taken a turn into suggestive territory. So, while you’re holding back that giggle, remember to give a little eyebrow raise and see how they react. Who knows, you might just be dancing around the edges of a very exciting verbal tango full of alluring innuendos and charming wit.



Sensual means, "arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure." That's why you can refer to a number of things as sensual, whether it's the way a candlelit dinner is set up or the way your crush looks in general.


When you feel an alluring pull towards the touch of silk or the intoxicating scent of a fresh bouquet, you're experiencing the essence of what makes something truly sensual. Flirting with the right words can be just as electrifying. Let your language caress the ears, linger on the lips like a rich, red wine. Glide your words slowly, ensuring each syllable softly touches the very core of their being, making the air around you both heavy with unspoken desire and anticipation. This isn’t just about physical intimacy; it's about creating a connection that dances between the lines of the overt and the subtle.



Frisky means, "playful and full of energy." Of course, it's usually used in order to suggest that someone is in the mood to have sex.


When you label your crush as frisky, it's like a playful nudge, hinting at your intentions without being too forward. Think of it as a spirited dance between the lines of friendly banter and flirtatious wordplay. You're igniting a spark, inviting them to join in the fun that the word embodies. Next time you're in the throes of flirtation, breathe life into your texts with a coy mention of their friskiness or use it during a lighthearted moment to lighten the mood with a touch of innuendo.



You already know that lace is a type of fabric--and a sexy one at that. If your man asks you what you're wearing, tell him that you have on something lacy, because it's sure to get his heart racing.


Lace conjures images of both elegance and sensuality, making it the perfect tease in the flirting game. Whether it's the hint of a lace-trimmed camisole or the intricate patterns on a pair of lace stockings, this fabric speaks a language of desire. Let him wonder about the delicate details. Imagination is a powerful tool in romance, and a little lace leaves plenty to the mind's eye, fanning the flames of anticipation. Just the mention of lace can be tantalizing, so use it sparingly for maximum impact.



Lingering means, "to stay in a place longer than necessary, because of a reluctance to leave." If your man is lingering after a hug, then it probably means he's working up the courage to kiss you.


When he's lingering, it's as though time itself is pausing, waiting for what comes next. The air seems charged with anticipation, his eyes locked with yours, a silent conversation passing between. It's a dance of intimacy, a deliberate closeness that whispers of shared secrets and unspoken desires. Whether it's over a cozy dinner table or under a canopy of stars, that moment of hesitation is a sweet invitation to deepen the connection. It's a sign that every second with you is precious, a telltale heart revealing that he is utterly captivated by your presence.



Stimulating means, "arousing interest." While you could say that the conversation you two had was stimulating to your brain, you can also say that the way he looks stimulates your body.


The playful banter, the intellectual dance of wits and words, has the power not only to engage the mind but to ignite the senses. A seemingly innocent remark turned flirty can send a shiver up the spine and set pulses racing. Stimulating is more than cerebral; it's a full-body experience. When someone captivates your every thought and sends tremors of excitement through your veins with mere words or a lingering glance, you know you've encountered a master of seduction. So, entwine wit with charm, and let each interaction be a spark that sets the night aflame.



Desire is "a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen." Instead of saying that you want a kiss from him, tell him that you desire to kiss him. It sounds a lot more romantic.


Using the word desire sends a signal that your yearning goes beyond the surface—it touches on the deep, almost primal attraction you feel. It's not just any kiss you're yearning for; it's an intimate connection that the term signifies, an expression of passion that can't be easily quenched. Whisper to him softly about the intensity of your desire to feel his lips against yours, and watch the temperature in the room rise as the word alone promises something far more tantalizing than a simple want.



Erotic means, "tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement." That's why books filled with sex are considered erotic novels.


The pulsating heart of an erotic story beats with intimate details and sensual imagery, crafted meticulously to draw you into a world brimming with passion and desire. When conversing with a crush or a lover, weaving in a hint of the erotic can heighten the tension and excitement between you two, promising untamed adventures and whispered secrets shared in the dim light of a bedroom or the privacy of hushed conversations. Just a sultry glance or a provocative word has the power to ignite a fire that both tempts and teases, leaving them yearning for more.



Intimate means, "private and personal." That's why both sex and holding hands can be considered intimate experiences.


Intimacy goes beyond just physical gestures; it encompasses the intricate dance of emotional closeness and trust. When you share whispered secrets or exchange that knowing gaze filled with unspoken understandings, you're deepening your intimate bond. So, whether it’s a lingering hug or the delicate brush of fingers against a cheek, remember that intimacy is woven from the delicate threads of connection we build with every shared moment and tender word.



Tender means, "showing gentleness and concern or sympathy." If you try to talk sexy to your man by telling him you want to touch him, make sure he knows that those touches are going to be tender.

These words will turn any conversation into a flirty one. What's the most seductive word that you can think of?

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What about fondle, it's pretty up there with those cringeworthy words, I'd wet my pants laughing if a potential date uttered any of them, after I'd finished laughing I'd give him my old headmistress phone number, she's gotta be 90 & deaf by now!!

Tell him he looks très risqué

Eww no

Say he looks delectable;)

Lol I don't know why but these words will sound funny if u say them while flirting with someone.

Tell her she looks ravishing;)

These sounds gross and old fashioned. They would be turn offs

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