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50 Cute Pick up Lines for Girls to Use ...

By Sici

Need some cute pick up lines for girls? Come on ladies, it’s 2018, and it’s time to take control of your own dating destiny! Though the majority of romantic comedies we watched growing up involved the guy doing most of the running, who is to say that we can’t take the lead and do some chatting up of our own? For some reason, cheesy chat up lines seem to sound awkward coming out of a guy’s mouth but cute and quirky coming out of a girl’s mouth, so without further ado, here are fifty cute pick up lines for girls for girls to use.

1 You Must Be a Deck of Cards Because You Have Just Become the King of My Heart!

2 My Name is (insert), but You Can Call Me Anytime!

3 I’m a Doctor, and I Can Tell That You Are Severely Lacking in Vitamin Me

4 Are You a Keyboard? Because You Are Just My Type!

5 Which Store Can I Get Your Jersey in? Because I Need Your Name and Number!

6 I Need a Date with You like Sneakers Need Laces!

7 Your Parents Must Have Been Artists Because You’re a Masterpiece!

8 If I Follow You Home like a Stray Dog, Will You Keep Me?

9 Did You Invent Google? Because You’re Everything I’m Searching for!

10 You Must Be a Magician Because Every Time I Look at You, Everyone else Vanishes

11 You Want to Know What I’m Wearing? Just the Smile That You Gave Me

12 You Better Call an Ambulance Because I’ve Fallen for You, Hard

13 If You Were a Novel, You’d Be Printed in FINE Print!

14 I’m Not a Fishing Expert but I’m Definitely Hooked on You!

15 Are You a Beaver? Because DAM

16 Your Middle Name Must Be Dominos Because I Wanna Pizza You!

17 My Favourite Drink is Coffee, and I’m Liking You a Latte

18 You Must Be a Banana Because I Find You Really Appealing

19 If You Were a Vegetable, You’d Definitely Be a Cutecumber

20 If You Were a Fruit, You’d Be a Fineapple!

21 Are Cats Your Favourite Animal? Because You’re Purrrfect!

22 Shall We Go for a Coffee? I Really Want to Espresso My Feelings to You

23 All Pick up Lines Other than This One Are Just like Broken Pencils. Totally Pointless

24 You Must Be a Whiteboard Because You’re Completely Remarkable!

25 I Hope You Don’t Have Any Food Allergies Because I’m Totally Nuts about You

26 We Should Go Camping Together Because I’d Love to See S’more of You

27 Are You on the Endangered Species List? You’re One of a Kind!

28 Is There a Dictionary around? I Can’t Think of Enough Words to Describe You!

29 I’ve Been Told I’ve Got a Great Vocabulary, but I’m Struggling to Find the Words to Describe You

30 I’m Not the Best Speller, but How Come Happiness Starts with H when It Should Start with U?

31 You Must Be a Calculator Because You Sure Add Something to My Life!

32 I’m an Algebra Expert. I Could Replace Your X and You Wouldn’t Even Ask Y

33 Do You Want to Be My Science Class Buddy? I Think We Have Great Chemistry

34 You Must Be the Square Root of minus One Because You Can’t Be Real!

35 I Just Failed Astronomy Class Because Now My Whole World Revolves around You!

36 Slow down Sir, or You’re Gonna Get a Ticket for Driving Me Crazy

37 If I Had a Dollar for Every Time I Thought of You I’d Only Have One Dollar, Because You Are Always on My Mind!

38 You Don’t Need Fancy Car Keys to Drive Me Wild!

39 Some Say French is the Language of Love, I Say Kissing is. Wanna Chat?

40 You Must Be a Yoga Master Because I’d Bend over Backward to Make You Smile

41 My Magic Watch Says That You’re in Love with Me, Perhaps It’s a Few Minutes Fast?

42 You Must Be British Because You’re Definitely My Cup of Tea

43 Quick, Tuck and Roll! I Don’t Want You to Hurt Yourself when You Fall for Me

44 Quick, Get out, the Police Are Coming and They’ll Catch You for Stealing Hearts!

45 I’m Not a Gambler, but I’d Put My House on the Fact That You’re the Man of My Dreams

46 Whoa, Did We Just Have an Earthquake or Did You Rock My World?

47 Dude, You Need to Leave Right Now, My Insurance Doesn’t Cover Blown Minds

48 I Can’t Afford Diamonds, so Would You Be My Best Friend in Their Place?

49 Have We Met before? Oh Yeah, in My Dreams

50 I’m Not an Organ Donor but You Have Already Taken My Heart!

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