7 Worst Flirting Moves That Just Don't Work in Real Life ...


7 Worst Flirting Moves That Just Don't Work in Real Life ...
7 Worst Flirting Moves That Just Don't Work in Real Life ...

Some of the worst flirting moves are prominent in romantic comedies and romance novels. Never assume what you see on the big screen will actually work in real life. In films, a girl can get the guy by using her worst flirting moves, but you won’t be as lucky. Do not attempt these at home:

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Get Him Hot with Hair

Men love soft, gorgeous locks. However, mindlessly twirling your hair is not going to make him fall in love with you. The worst flirting moves have to do with the way a woman handles her hair. Unless Mother Nature has agreed to be your wing-woman, the wind isn’t going to blow your hair like you’re posing for a photo-shoot. Hair flips can be sexy if you do them correctly, but you could end up whacking someone in the face.


Public Declaration

If you’re going to admit you like someone, you should do it in private. Don’t do it in front of their friends, and definitely don’t do it in front of your entire school or company. If he turns you down, it’s highly embarrassing. Even if he returns your affection, do you really want to start your relationship in the public eye? You don’t want to be the couple that posts every fight on Facebook.


Make Him Jealous

You want to date a man, so you hook up with his best friend instead. It’ll make him jealous, and he’ll totally fall in love with you, right? Don’t flirt with other men in order to impress your crush. It won’t make you appear desirable. It will backfire, unless you have the allure of Rachel McAdams.


Fight and Kiss

How many times have you seen a pair screaming at one another, only to end their argument with a make-out session? In films, it happens frequently. In real life, it’s rare for fights to have such a pleasant outcome. Even if you end up kissing, you’ll have to deal with your issues once the night is over. Your problems won’t just disappear.


Eat Seductively

Remember Jennifer Aniston’s window scene in Horrible Bosses? Don’t try this in public. People will stare, but it won’t be out of attraction. It’s funny to see in a film, but you could make a fool out of yourself by doing this on campus. Eat your bananas like a civilized human.


‘Bump’ into Him

First, figure out his exact schedule. Next, turn a corner at the same time that he does so that you collide. Make sure you have a stack of papers in hand so that they can fly everywhere. If he bends down to help you pick them up, giggle and lock eyes. If he decides to just keep walking, forget about him. He wasn’t worth your stalking.


Lie Lie Lie

In movies, couples fib about everything. It doesn’t matter how big or small the lie is, but they have to tell it. Eventually, their partner will find out, they’ll fight, and then they’ll make up in the last twenty minutes of screen time. There’s no reason to lie to your crush or spouse. It’s easier to avoid the fighting and stick to the kissing.

Like all movies, romantic comedies have scenes that would never occur in real life. Of course, they’re still fun to watch! What romantic movie scene do you find laughable?

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