8 Fab Flirting Tips for Girls That Don't Know How to Flirt ...


8 Fab Flirting Tips for Girls That Don't Know How to Flirt ...
8 Fab Flirting Tips for Girls That Don't Know How to Flirt ...

If you are dying for some flirting tips for girls who don't know how to flirt, you don't have to look anywhere else! I had no idea how to flirt when I first started do it and now, with these flirting tips for girls who don't know how to flirt, I am a pro! The key? Practicing before you actually head over to the person you are trying to attract!

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Know Your Comfort Zone

When you are first learning how to flirt and learning all about flirting tips for girls who don't know how to flirt, knowing your comfort zone is going to be the most important thing! Your comfort zone should never be pushed and it should be taken pretty seriously. Remember girls, flirting is supposed to be fun!


Practice Flirting

Remember the key to flirting that I said? Practice flirting in the mirror or even on people that you're around a lot! They will be able to give you honest feedback and will be able to tell if the flirting is good. Practicing on a guy or girlfriend that you are really close to can really get some ideas flowing about how you can improve your flirting!


Straight Posture

This is one of the tips that a lot of women forget about – straight posture! Girls, having great posture can not only make you appear more confident, but it will straighten out your back a bit too! Just put your shoulders back and stand very, very proud! This is another key part!


Keep It Airy

When you are flirting, you don't want to give up your entire life story, you just want to keep it all casual. Keep it all light and airy. Don't dive into subjects that are way too deep and just make sure to keep it all superficial in the beginning!


It's All in the Eyes

Oh, the eye contact that you should be having when you are flirting is definitely a huge key. Truthfully, if you don't make eye contact, it can again boil down to the confident and it can -- again -- boil down to how you are perceived. If you are constantly hunched over and keep your eyes down, that isn't someone that a guy or gal wants to flirt with!


Subtle Smile

Soft, small, giddy little smiles are a fantastic way to flirt it up without overdoing it! Just adding in a flash of the pearly whites or even just a close-mouthed smile can make you approachable, make you look more beautiful and make your guy-friend or girl-friend really like you and want to flirt with you!


Be Casual

Finally, you know the airy comment? Well, that was in regards to the conversation, this is in regards to the wardrobe! Keep it all casual, especially if you are just heading out to flirt and not get anything else.


Choose Easy Targets

When you are out there flirting it up, make sure that you choose easy targets to practice your flirting on! Just pick a few of them and start to chat them up a little and see how they respond. If it is well, you are definitely doing it right!

So girls, now that you know exactly how to flirt, get out there and do it! Did you know how to flirt before reading these tips? Give up some more tips below!

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@Isabel that happens to me all the time!! Like,I'll think that someone's flirting with me a little,but then the next day,they don't even acknowledge me!!

This is actually perfect, thankyou :)!

There is a guy I like he is Romanian but I don't know if he feels the same. He always texts me but he always says he never wants to see me hurt and that he doesn't have a gf but he doesn't want his ex to think he is a douchebag if he hangs out with me or other girls too much. But he wants us to get to know each other. I don't really understand him any suggestions

Wow guess I'm not the only one having problems in this area. I sort of know when someone flirts with me, I just don't know how to flirt back sometimes, and it gets worse if I really like the other person...

Very rusty at flirting, so thanks!!

Hi Heather :) What are some good topics to bring up when you run out of things to say to your crush, at school? I always get tongue tied and the conversation drifts awkwardly!

Hey so this guy I have a crush on (I'm a freshman by the way) I really like him. Yet he's a junior. A couple of my friends know I like him and by a couple I literally mean two. He's really nice because he always helps me when I need help on homework. I like him a lot but I have no idea what to do to be flirty without making it all too obvious. I see him everyday and I always get a chance to talk to him though sometimes I never take it. Help? Thanks!

I don't know if I can do these. I just act naturally :) worth s try tho.

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