7 Ways to Be Flirtatious without Overdoing It ...


7 Ways to Be Flirtatious without Overdoing It ...
7 Ways to Be Flirtatious without Overdoing It ...

I've had a lot of requests on how to be flirty, without seeming overwhelming and without overdoing it – well, I've come up with all of the different ways to flirt without seeming desperate or being overpowering! These tips can be used to capture your crush and really figure out the right ways to flirt with him without seeming like you are desperate! Give these tips a try and let me know how they work!

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Soft Touches

Honestly, this is one of the top ways to flirt that is still subtle! If your crush sits next to you anywhere or you are trying to flirt up a guy on the bar, just touch his arm, his leg, his shoulder. Pick imaginary lint from his shirt or brush back his hair a little bit. These are all ways that you can touch him softly, without seeming like you are overdoing it!


Learn Common Ground

When you are flirting, it is very important for you to learn all about the common ground that you two share. If he is into video games, what type of video games does he like? Do you like the same kind? These will be the kinds of things that your conversations with him will be made up of!



Did you know that compliments with a guy go a very, very long way? Just complimenting the way his jeans fit or even the way his hair looks can really stroke his ego and make him feel oh-so-special! Don't layer on the compliments too thick though, as that can be overdoing it, but littering one or two here and there is a great idea!


Not Too Much Sarcasm

Sarcasm in a girl is super attractive, but you don't want to be sarcastic about everything, that can be a huge turn-off. Just incorporate a thin layer of sarcasm and go along with his sense of humor! This is one trick that I had to learn and temper down.


Don't Cross Arms

Weird, right, how crossing your arms can seem like a turn-off? What it does is close you off. Your body language when you are flirting is very, very important and crossing your arms around your waist or bust can actually make you seem very unapproachable. So keep your arms at your sides and you'll see just how approachable you really are!


Lots of Eye Contact

I know that whenever I do a flirting post, I constantly am talking about eye contact, but it's so true! I know that looking down and being coy or shy when you are trying to flirt with your crush might seem like an natural thing, but girls, look up. Look him in his eyes and show just how confident you are in yourself!


Flash a Smile

Finally, put a smile on your face! This is honestly one of the best ways to appear completely approachable and it will instantly lure any guy in at all! Also, a smile is a great way to let him know that you are interested and that you find him funny. Trust me on this, smiling can go a very long way!

Flirting without overdoing it is really difficult, but it can be done! If you're a girl that doesn't know who to flirt without completely overdoing it, did these tips help? What other tips do you have for flirting? Give it up!

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I think all of these tips are great, but I've never been a big believer or #1. In my opinion, touching a guys arm or leg could never be subtle and may make him uncomfortable. But it probably depends on the guy and also the girl flirting!

I'm so willing to try. Never had a boyfriend and its about time! Maybe there'll help

I can adhere with smiling because a woman that I'd see on a local trail kept smiling/waving at me each time I'd pass her and that would always make my day. Some time later I thanked her for her smiling at me by buying her 4 white roses and a letter saying how I enjoy seeing her smile each time she's out and it made my day and a side note of a invite to get to know me, I did a letter/roses because I'm a bit shy/introverted. I can tell you she likes me alot because last time I saw her she told me still has the roses (~6 months later). I haven't seen her since October, but I believe here soon I'll see her on the trail again because its getting nicer outside ^.^

@Heather Jensen thank. You!! That makes me feel a lil better...so when I get to college what should I do for him to notice me? Like he met me(cause my sister is in his bus route)but before that he said good morning and I looked right into his eyes and he smiled. The I was waiting with my sister for something then he came up to her directly and i heard him say "your sister" then she introduced us and that's when he randomly told me how many ppl get on the bus route Nd he was stuttering..he is a really gorgess guy with like greenish hazel eyes and he is like perfect... Sorry if I'm being wierd it's just I'm going to college and things are not HS anymore I don't wanna mess anything up..thank you again heather!:)

#6 says lots of eye contact but I don't know why every time I make eye contact my eyes water so it looks like i'm crying! :(

I've heard it said that touching a guys leg is a clear signal that you are interested in sex. Regardless - I think touching might be misconstrued

Very good tips too, I'll keep these in mind for sure!

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