You're a Picky Dater and That's Okay ...


You're a Picky Dater and That's Okay ...
You're a Picky Dater and That's Okay ...

Are you getting to a point in your life where all of your best friends and similarly aged family members are starting to couple off and settle down with people? If they are, and you are the kind of person who can’t really imagine doing that at the moment, then it can be a really awkward and ostracising time. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not a prude by any means, in fact, you love to go on dates, but you are just very clear on the things that you like in a potential partner and things that you don’t. Some people might describe you as a picky dater, and here is why that is totally okay.

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Lots of Choices

It’s a fact that the more choices you have, the pickier you are, so your ability to be picky about the people that you date means that there are plenty of guys out there who are interested in you and looking to go out with you! Your pickiness is a direct indicator of just how desired you are by other people!


False Promises

You just get super tired of all of the false promises that come out of guy’s mouths when they are trying to get with you, especially ones on dating apps that are clearly using pictures from ten years ago and are lying about their height, weight, everything else! You would rather be picky and selective than basically end up on a date with somebody who straight up catfished you!


It’s Evolution

From an evolutionary perspective, women being picky might actually be in our DNA! Some experts believe it stems back as far as caveman times when picking a mate that would be able to protect you and provide you with healthy children was not only a life choice but a matter of life and death! You might still have a few of these ancient instincts inside you!


High Expectations

You might have really high expectations for any potential long-term partner, but at the end of the day, what is wrong with that? As long as the expectations are within the limits of actual reality, there is nothing wrong with holding out for a guy who can meet your needs. If you dashed them and committed to someone who was less than that, you would only end up unhappy anyway.



Your friends might focus more on things that are very much immediate like good looks and a fun-loving attitude, but because you are more interested in weighing the pros and cons of taking something long term, you are labelled as picky. Hey, he could look like Channing Tatum, but if he doesn’t have a job and still lives with his parents, then you quite rightly don’t have time for that kind of situation!

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