8 Amazingly Effective Tips on How to Be a Total Guy Magnet ...


How To Be A Man Magnet in today's world isn't as unachievable as you might initially think! Knowing how to be a man magnet and then applying the tips are two completely different things. You'd be surprised at the number of women out there who know how to be a man magnet and don't even realize it! I'm going to give you a few tips on how to be a man magnet-and chances are, you probably already know most of these tips-BUT you just need to start applying them! With my help, you'll know how to be a man magnet that every girl will envy!

1. Don't Look for a Man

Heading out with the girls on saturday night with the intention of picking up a man or looking for your future husband is a huge red sign on your forehead reading "Desperate". Sit back and let him do the work! Your man will find you in good time. Go out for a good time for once, and men will pick up on that, and pick YOU up!

Don't Trash Talk


love dove
how sorry
love dove
ho do i aproch him
love dove
i really want to go for this boy but i dont want to sound totally desprerate whhat do i do
Hello In Love! Firstly, thanks for commenting! First, do you know this guy at all? How did you two meet? If you do know him at least casually, you might want to turn up your flirt a little. You ...
I like this guy and i think he might like me back. We might be considered friends, but i'm not sure. all of the sighns are there that he does.WHAT DO I DO??? (P.S. I dont want to make it look like i'm desperate either.
This helped so much! All my guy friends are falling head over heals for me!
Hello Anon! Thanks for the comment! This is a tricky one. While it might be a friend-of-a-friend situation, you definitely don't want to steal someone else's guy. I'd say if they break up, wait ...
Awesome!! I am totally looking forward to hearing the outcome! Good luck!
ok i will try and i will be more than glad 2 tell u how it goes (although this may take a while) thanks for your help!
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