7 Good Pick-up Lines and How to Use Them Properly ...


7 Good Pick-up Lines and How to Use Them Properly ...
7 Good Pick-up Lines and How to Use Them Properly ...

Good Pick-Up Lines are hard to come by. I mean, they're really hard to come by. Most pick-up lines are beyond cheesy. As a matter of fact, it's possible that all of them are. That's okay, though; it's technically possible to come correct with a cheesy line as long as you use it the right way. It's all about the way you come across, your confidence, your charm – and it helps not to start spouting innuendo right off the bat. To get an idea about what I mean, here are some really good pick-up lines – and how to use them properly!

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What's Your Sign?

Astrology bits make some of the cheesiest pick-up lines, but this presents a funny twist on that old standby. Go up to the guy or girl you're interested in, and simply say, “I bet I know your sign. It's 'Trespassers will be towed,' right?” It's funny, it's goofy, but it's not cheesy or too grossly sexual. It works for almost any kind of traffic or road sign – except “Slippery when wet.” Don't ever ask a girl that. Ever. Bad.


The Language Barrier

Confidence and enthusiasm go a long way. Going up to someone you think is cute and saying, “Hey, you speak English, don't you? OMG, so do I!” is seriously goofy, it makes no sense … but it sure can break the ice. If the other person doesn't laugh, though, just turn and walk away.



“Nice shoes” is one of my favorite pick-up lines. The problem is that so many people take it one step further. If I'm friends with you or know you at least a little, then if you say to me, “Nice shoes, let's (sexual term of your choice),” then I will laugh along with you. If I don't know you, then you automatically go in the skeeve pile. However, actually complimenting someone's shoes? That can really work!


You Talkin' to Me?

Here's where confidence really comes into play, but you have to walk the balance between confident and approachable. You don't want to come off as arrogant, because that is not a turn-on. Go up to the guy or girl you're interested in, act cool but friendly, and say, “Are you talking to me? You're not? Then let's start!”


The List

Often, making fun of traditional pick-up lines can be your way into a conversation. Approach the person you like with this little gem: “I'm trying to compile a list of the worst pick-up lines. Which should be number one? 'Nice shoes,' 'Hey baby, what's your sign,' or 'I'm trying to compile a list of the worst pickup lines?'” See what you do there? The ensuing laugh should easily break the ice!


Can I Borrow That?

If cheesy is done properly, then it can be funny. Funny is always good. If you have the right attitude, then walking up to someone and saying, “I misplaced my phone number, would you let me borrow yours?” will get a laugh rather than, say, a slap or something.


Dog People

Finally, this can be done anywhere, at any time, as long there is a pooch in the vicinity. If you see someone cute in the park or walking down the street with their four legged friend, feel free to go up to them and ask, “What kind of dog is that?” It's obvious, yes, but dog people are generally happy to talk about their pooches, and who knows what that could lead to?

Not everyone wants to use pick-up lines but sometimes they come in handy. When you need to break the ice or introduce yourself to someone without being run-of-the-mill and average, a good line can help. You want to stay away from super cheesy or overtly sexual pick-up lines, though. Be clever and funny without oozing cheddar. Be cute without being dirty. Has anyone ever used pick-up lines on you – and did it work?

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