Dump Your BF if He Has These Personality Traits ...


Sometimes you’re with a man that doesn’t treat you as well as he should.

This is a hard place to be.

I understand because I’ve been there.

I’ve was once with someone who had several of these personality traits but I can now tell you that a healthy relationship doesn’t have any of these issues.

Dump your boyfriend if he has any of these traits, pronto!

1. He’s Controlling

Healthy relationships are ones where neither party tries to control the other.

If your boyfriend is controlling, that’s not a good thing.

He should never try to control who you talk to or how long you’re away somewhere.

He may have a dominant personality and enjoy taking the initiative in making plans for the two of you and that’s different.

But true love gives freedom to make your own choices.

He’s Violent when He’s Angry


Is it bad if there a little obsessive?
peony blue
the Number of women I know who stay on violent relationships freaks me out. I don't get it. Have some love for yourself as a human being and leave. And it is not easy to say. We have things in place to look after women faced with such madness. In countries where violence against women is seen as nothing even there women would escape violent partners if they could. So please let's not love men who are violent in any way shape or form.
Maryana Elizabeth
Wish I saw this sooner, I was with a guy for a year and in that year I changed. I would cuss, be negative, impatient. Everyone told me I wasn't ever allowed to do anything I wanted because of him. And still to this day I get messages saying "if I can't have you no one can" but just like my mom said if he does anything what can you do, nothing. It's his action he will take and I can only stay positive and not be scared and hide in my house my whole life. He was very aggressive. Tip: make you you know someone as a friend for at least a year and then take the leap to be in a relationship. ANYONE can easily fake a personality and once they have you become someone different.
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