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Do you bemoan the lack of manners in modern society? Many people turn their noses up even just at the words “lady” and “gentleman” as social terms, but seriously, what’s wrong with good manners and a sense of etiquette? People seem to have the view that calling someone a lady or a gentleman is old-fashioned. Let’s remind ourselves of what a gentleman is and then decide if it’s out-of-date, shall we?

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They're Helpful

Helpfulness ranks highly among the signs your boyfriend is a true gentleman. Genuine gentlemen are always ready to help the people around them, irrespective if they happen to be friends, loved ones, neighbors or total strangers requiring assistance. That doesn't mean your boyfriend must be a round-the-clock busybody, but you'll know when you see random acts of kindness - performed without any expectation of gratitude or praise - that you've bagged a true gentleman.


Family Comes First

A genuine gentleman always puts those closest to him first, no matter if they are close friends, wife, partner, siblings or parents. They don't shirk their responsibilities of visiting aged aunts on Boxing Day or going out to watch baseball with their buds when their partner is feeling unwell and must stay home. A true gentleman puts family first.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

Anyone can find pretty words to dazzle us, but those who truly care for us will let their actions speak louder than words. A man who is not defined by his self-interest but his caring for others is certainly a man worth holding on to. In other words, a boyfriend who mows your lawn, cleans and tidies up the house when you're feeling under the weather without you having to ask for help is a true gentleman. A boyfriend who simply says "you poor thing" and pats you on the head before running off to go drinking with his friends isn't worth the bother.


Showing Respect to Everyone

A true gentleman respects everyone, be it peasant or king, that he meets. And don't fall for this nonsense that a man who is respectful to the gal he desires is a gentleman. He'll soon show his true colors the morning after! A true gentleman is polite and respectful to everyone they meet, regardless of gender, creed, profession or wealth and position in society.


Supporting Their Partner's Aspirations and Dreams

Other signs your boyfriend is a true gentleman include his support for your aspirations, career and life choices. Obviously, if you're heading on a self-destructive path, your boyfriend shouldn’t support your alcohol abuse, binge eating or drug taking. But he should respect your life ambitions and support you in your endeavors. Having said that, nobody likes a freeloader! Only expect support from loved ones and friends when you support your own choices with hard work and sacrifice, be it financial or emotional.


Honesty Goes a Long Way

When it comes to romance, a genuine gentleman will be honest and open with you, not play games with your heart. He won't give you the cold shoulder after your second date so that you're forced to chase after him a little harder. He also won't try to humiliate you when you confess your feelings after the third date and he isn't ready to commit just yet. Nor will he brag to his friends when your first date ended with breakfast in bed.


In Sickness and in Health

Any relationship has its ups and downs. Sometimes, no matter how much you feel for each other, things don't work out as planned. Signs your boyfriend is a true gentleman include not being put off by such moments or running away when things get tough. Not only will he support his partner, he'll work hard to maintain the relationship you've built up together. The old adage "in sickness and in health" applies to all good relationships.

Personally, I’d rather a gentleman than a slob any day! And, let’s not just give the guys all these responsibilities. If you have found a true gentleman, doesn’t he deserve a lady for a girlfriend? Do you think the idea of a gentleman is old-fashioned?

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I'm one lucky girl! ^^

A true gentleman is such a nice person to have around

Wonderful post! A gentleman never goes out of style! They are classics!

Yes good post. There are a lot of gentlemen out there but some women prefer bad boys!

Just got out of yet another terrible relationship...keeping my fingers crossed I'll come across my perfect gentleman someday!

35 years in September! I have a wonderful gentleman!

Nice post!😍

The guy I am now dating has every one of these qualities!! Wow! I'm in ❤️

I'm so so so lucky to have such a bf ! Thanks for showing me how careful he is ! Alhamdulilah 😇

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