What Are the 9 Signs Your Boyfriend Respects You?


A relationship needs mutual respect to survive and flourish. It’s a two-way street but without respect, all sorts of other issues can arise. You should expect respect as long as you are doing what you need to deserve it. So how do you tell if your SO does respect you?

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Your Opinion Always Matters Whatever the Subject

One of the main signs your boyfriend respects you is that he always asks for your opinion, not just in relationship matters but also in matters that may not necessarily directly affect you. The fact that he values your opinion in all areas of his life means that his respect for you runs deeper than just a romantic connection.


Jealousy is Not a Factor That Causes Issues

A boyfriend getting jealous when you go out without him often says more about how he feels about you than how he feels about guys that might want to flirt with you. A truly respectful boyfriend will trust that you are just as committed as he is, and will not need to spend time worrying about things that are not going to happen.


He Doesn’t Try to Micromanage You

A boyfriend that respects you as a person will also respect your life choices, and therefore will not attempt to micromanage what you do, where you go, and whom you interact with. Micromanaging is an annoying and potentially relationship-ending task to have to suffer, but a boyfriend who really respects you will not interfere.


A Respectful Boyfriend Takes Your Side

Whether you are on the right side of an argument or not with a friend or family member, a boyfriend that loves and respects you will always take your side in the matter. He will understand that what you need is a person who has your back both during the row and even when you realize you were wrong. It is just the unreserved support that counts.


He is Happy to Discuss His Feelings with You

A boyfriend that does not respect you and your opinions will often tend to avoid telling the truth in awkward or upsetting situations. The best-case scenario is that he is willing to open up to you without reservation and is not afraid to show you his vulnerable side. From these moments of weakness will come your relationship’s greatest strengths.


You Can Happily Engage in Open Discussion when You Have Differing Views

Your boyfriend should respect you enough to be able to disagree with you on certain subjects and be comfortable that there will be an engaging discussion rather than a silly argument. If you find that he tends to just agree with everything you say in an uninterested fashion, it may be a sign that he does not respect your opinion enough to engage.


You Still Have Date Night to Keep the Fun and Romance Alive

It says a lot about your boyfriend if he still takes you out for great date nights, even after you have been together for a long time. This conscious effort to keep things fresh and exciting means that he respects your feelings and is trying not to let the spark go out of the relationship.


You Are Certain He Tells No Lies

Total honesty is arguably the utmost sign of respect that a boyfriend can pay you. From big things like feelings in the relationship to small things like opinions on your hair or makeup, when handled in a respectful and tactful way, complete honesty is the most refreshing compliment your boyfriend can pay you.


He Doesn’t Constantly Cancel Plans You Have

A boyfriend who is constantly calling and texting to get out of pre-arranged dates and plans is definitely one who does not respect you. The fact that he is willing to let you down at short notice in favor of spending time with his friends, for example, is a glaring sign that he would rather let you down than others that are supposed to be less important to him.

I think that covers the most common signs that your boyfriend respects you but what would you add?

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And all the rest hahaha

Friends shouldn't necessarily be "less important" to him. He should respect everyone equally to not cancel plans.

Well said Barb.

" Judgement free zone! "

A respectful boyfriend respect your parents. And everything goes with it.

Love no.1

A lot of boyfriends should respect their girlfriends

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