7 Signs He Misses You when You're Not around ...


7 Signs He Misses You when You're Not around ...
7 Signs He Misses You when You're Not around ...

Maybe you're in a relationship, but can't figure out if your man actually misses you when you're not around. Maybe you have a crush on a guy and are wondering if he misses you during summer vacation. No matter what your relationship status is, here are a few signs that your special man misses you when you're not around:

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He Texts You, Even Though He Has Nothing to Say

It's annoying to receive a text that just says, "What's up?" However, it's a phrase that men like to use when they don't have anything important to say. If a guy texts you this, it could mean that there's nothing specific he wants to talk to you about--he just wants to talk to you. He doesn't care what you say to each other. He doesn't even care if he sounds silly giving you simple responses. He just wants to have a conversation with you, because he misses you so badly.


He Tries to Make Plans with You

Most guys won't pine over a girl that they miss. They'll take action. If he keeps trying to make plans with you, or even hints that he'd like "someone" to go to the movies with him, then it means he wants to spend time with you. It takes effort to make plans and follow through on them, so if that's what he's doing, he definitely misses having you around.


When a guy misses you, he’ll do anything to get your attention. He may try to make plans with you, even if it’s just for a coffee date or a movie night. He’ll also try to keep the conversation going, asking about your day and what you’ve been up to. He may even ask how you’re feeling or if you’re okay.

He’ll also try to make you laugh, or send you funny jokes or memes. He may also try to impress you by showing off his skills or accomplishments. He may even bring up the things you used to do together, like going on hikes or to the movies.

If a guy misses you, he may also try to get physical with you, like giving you a hug or a kiss. He may also try to hold your hand or cuddle with you. He may even try to be extra romantic, like sending you flowers or chocolates.


He Comments on Your Statuses

With all the technology we have nowadays, it's hard to get someone you miss off of your mind. I mean, whenever you log onto your Facebook or Instagram, you'll see their face and be reminded of how much you care about them. So if he always comments on your pictures or "likes" everything you do on social media, it's his subtle way of saying he misses you.


He'll Actually Call You

Phone calls were never a big deal in the past. However, now they're pretty rare. If a guy actually calls you instead of texting you, it means he misses your voice.


In a world where instant messaging is king, a phone call is akin to a royal summons. It's his way of prioritizing your connection, choosing to hear your reactions in real time rather than the lifeless tapping of keys. When he dials your number, it's a sign he's not satisfied with mere texts, craving the warmth and comfort of your voice. It's an audio embrace, a signal that in his moments of longing, he wishes to bridge the gap with the sound of 'you'. So when your phone rings and it's him on the other end, smile, because it's a clear sign you're dancing in his thoughts.


He's Happy when He Does See You

It doesn't matter if you made plans to see each other or if you ran into each other at the store. When he sees you, notice how he reacts. Does his face light up? Does he ramble on about anything and everything? If he looks overjoyed to see you, then it means he was majorly missing on you.


When you're not around, it can be difficult to tell if your partner is missing you. But there are a few signs that may indicate that he is indeed missing you. For instance, if he's happy when he does see you, it's a good sign that he has been missing you. If his face lights up and he rambles on about anything and everything, it could mean he was really looking forward to seeing you.

Another sign that he may be missing you is if he sends you messages throughout the day. If he texts you to ask how you are doing or to see what you are up to, it could be his way of letting you know he is thinking of you. If he is sending you surprise gifts or love notes, it could be a sign that he is missing you and wants to show you how much he cares.

If he is asking to spend more time with you, it could be another sign that he is missing you. If he is always suggesting activities that the two of you can do together or if he is always suggesting date nights, it could be a sign that he wants to be with you and is missing you when you're not around.


He Gets Jealous Easily

When he asks what your plans are for the evening and you tell him you're going out with your friends, what does he say? He won't blurt out that he's jealous, but you should be able to tell by his reaction. If he seems annoyed that you're going out with other guys, it's because he wants to be the one spending time with you.


His questions might linger a bit longer, probing to see who exactly you'll be with. His texts might come through more frequently while you’re out, masked as 'just checking in' or sending jokes, but really, it's a way to stay connected to you. His tone could change too—an undercurrent of disappointment in his voice, or perhaps he'll suggest a quiet night in next time, emphasizing how much 'fun' it would be, just the two of you. These subtle cues signal that he's craving your presence, wishing he could be part of your plans.


He Admits It

If a man admits that he misses you, you can bet that it's the truth. Guys don't like to show their emotions, so most of the time they won't dare to admit that they miss you. So if a guy actually says the words, then it's probably more true than you'd ever realize.

If a man misses you, then do him a favor and make plans for a special date! What do you usually do when you're missing on someone?


Men are often stereotyped as being emotionally closed off, but this isn’t always the case. If a man admits he misses you, it’s a sure sign that he is emotionally invested in the relationship. He is likely to be thinking of you when you’re not around, and he may even be counting down the days until you’re reunited.

When a man misses you, he may also show it through his actions. He may call or text you more often, or he may make an effort to plan special dates or surprise you with thoughtful gifts. He may also be more affectionate than usual, such as holding your hand, hugging you for longer than normal, or kissing you more passionately.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be difficult to gauge how much a man misses you. But if you’re able to talk to each other regularly, then you can get a sense of how much he is thinking of you. He may ask you questions about your day, or he may share stories about his own. He may also be quick to respond to your messages, and he may even send you random texts throughout the day.

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I think I miss him.

It's nice to know if he misses you. Feels good that you know you're on his mind. Great post!

When my mate does these gestures for me I feel wonderful!

😊he does allll these things & more.. Great Post

I usually try to keep in contact most of the time so when someone I care about is not there I really miss them fast. I'm learning to give space but I can end up really missing someone quick if it is up to me. I usually just write person and ask how they are or try to talk with them :) Usually

My other part doesnt admit that he misses me. It shows so easily hahaha. He will smile ramble cuddle me Oh ain't I such a lucky gal...

Nice article :) it's tough to miss someone especially if you're on LDR cause no matter how much you miss him you can't see him in few days or weeks :(

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