7 Facinatingly Simple but Effective Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work ...


How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work easily can be a task in the beginning.

When the BH and I first met, we were in a long distance relationship.

It took us a really long time to learn how to make a long distance relationship work easily.

Don't worry ladies, if you're in a long distance relationship, I have the top 7 ways on how to make a long distance relationship work that will keep you and your boo together!

1. Build Trust

Honestly ladies, you can't be in a long distance relationship if you don't have a good base of trust.

Trust is going to be what holds your entire relationship together.2

After all, you don't want to have to sit around worrying what he is doing or who he is out with!2

If you're in a long distance relationship , make sure that there is a heck of a lot of trust there.

Talking Everyday


Maria Rios
What if he's in Germany and I am in California. Visiting him would be extremely difficult :/
Hey everyone! I know this guy for almost a year talking online, never seen him in real before. We both think we're really crushing on each other and would like to meet soon. As he is now, I might think he's the love of my life, almost everything I'm looking for, close to perfect I'd say! When it started to be obvious we like each other, he really showed me it in his 'actions' like: asking me personal things like my last name, age, what things I like and dislike.. Waited for me every day to come online, flirting, repeating he wants me, etc. But that was when he was on holidays and wasn't busy at all. Now he started working again and I get less attention and all of the things he did before. I told him how I felt about that, that I was afraid of might losing him somehow. But he sweares it's all still the same and can't wait to meet me. Still I don't get that feeling, but maybe I'm just turning really suspicious.. I really really want this to work if it all turns out well after we met. Any general advice on this? I just try to go with the flow, talk and just have fun! Thanks in advance! Love.
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