Girl's Guide πŸ“– to Surviving Your Ex Moving on πŸ‘« when You Haven't πŸ’” ...


Watching your ex move on after you split is painful.

He may start dating other girls, or simply seem perfectly happy without you - and that hurts.

But if you have friends in common and move in the same circles, you're going to have to come to terms with it all.

Here's how to cope with your ex moving on …

1. Don't Try to Get His Attention

Don't Try to Get His Attention

However much you want to shout 'Look at me!' and show your ex what he's missing, don't try to get his attention.

You'll just look desperate and upset yourself even more.

Besides, you're not in a competition with other girls;2

if he doesn't want to be with you and wants to date someone else, that's his choice.

He's a Free Agent


Sasa Fab
Divorced. And my ex has moved on with a woman and has married. Today was his birthday. I texted him happy birthday and he didn't respond. That's when I decided, I need to move on. It's not easy but it is feasible. Today I made a decision not to look back.
Breaking up is hard. I guess I just lost the love of my life and will never get him back.
@Paris You're 100% right on everything you've just said. I'm definitely on an emotional roller coaster right now, up then down. And to think he's done this before and i took him back coz i thought every deserves a second chance, i'm a love fool. Also to top this off he works within my workplace but obviously hiding his arse, aargh the drama. Thanks again for the great advice!
I'm going through this .. So painful and sad.. He's met his soulmate not even a couple of weeks after we didn't work out because I ruined it .. Now I have to watch my love and best friend happy with someone else.. Who is 20 years younger than him and barely speaks English too!!!!
@ Ajm he's a coward you don't need a guy like that you need a guy that's going to be honest. Don't listen he might say I don't know how to tell you that's a scapegoat. It's a lie. I always learned of your right one in a situation that's person always has to come back and make it right. Once you feel that independence that your the best he's ever going to have . Remember it's his lost if he ever comes around you've already moved. You'll have good days when you think about him and then you won't
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