How to Move on when You Still Love Him ...

Moving on is tough even if you don’t have feelings left over, but if you do, it can really be tough. However, there are tips, tricks, and steps to moving on from your ex boyfriend that will make your life easier than if you were trying to go about this on your own. These tips will make moving on a breeze, even if that feels impossible right now!

1. Stop All Contact

The first step to moving on, no matter how much you may like him, is to stop contact completely. Stopping contact will help get him out of your mind so much faster than harping on him would. If you were still talking to him daily, it’d be a lot more difficult to move on than if you weren’t communicating with him at all.

2. Tell Yourself You Hate Him

It may not be one of the healthiest ways to move on and go about a break-up, but it is one of the most effective ways to move on. Tell yourself that you hate him, even if you don’t. Chances are that he’s hurt you. Remind yourself of all of the things he’s done to hurt you. When you’re focused on the bad things he’s done to you rather than focusing on the good times you had, it’ll be faster to move on!

3. Put Away the Memories

Don’t keep pictures of him around. Don’t keep mementos and presents that he gave you out. Make a “heartbreak box” of sorts if you need to. Put everything away. Even if you’re not talking to him, having those physical reminders of your relationship are just as painful as talking to him would be.

4. Give Yourself a Break from Love

Don’t jump into a new relationship right away. It will probably be pretty convincing. Why wouldn’t you want someone to help you forget about the boy you cared so much about? Don’t do it, though. Not only is it unfair to the new guy, but it’s also so unhealthy. You’ll spend your entire relationship thinking about your last boyfriend, and you’ll compare everything to him.

5. Focus on Your Own Life

Take some time to refocus on your own life. Make your friends a priority. Do fun things that you never did with your ex. When you’re focused on a new life and new memories that you’re making, you won’t even have time to harp on your old relationship. You need to find happiness without a significant other to move on fully.

6. Figure out What You Love

Chances are that if you were with your ex for a long time, you spent a lot of time together. Most of your hobbies probably intersected at one point or another. You may even be at the point where you don’t know if you really loved a certain hobby or interest, or if you just liked it because your ex did. Figure out what your own interests are when a boyfriend is not influencing them.

7. Eventually Get Back out There

Eventually, you can get back into the dating world. However, remember that the most important thing is to be moved on completely from your past relationship first. When you’re not thinking about him and don’t feel so sorry for yourself anymore, get back out there!

What are your tips, tricks, and steps for moving on from a relationship when you’re still in love with your ex? Let me know in the comments!