5. I Graduated from Yale…

So some people actually do graduate from Yale, but there are also a lot of people who lie about it.


Well, for most, they simply believe it makes them look better.

Everyone loves a well-educated man, do they not?

But this is a pretty easy lie to uncover in the scheme of things, and it suggests your new man might be more likely to lie than you’d like.

Keep an ear out for any other untruths, and decide if he’s being genuine.

Living with a chronic liar can be very stressful.

I’m Super Religious…


Lil Lou Lou
@Heather Jensen that's crazy. What if I already sent pictures and I mentioned it my profile and we even skyped or did the whole video chat thing and she still says its fine and that it's okay that she thinks I'm cute ??
Heather Jensen
Hi Ana! I think that when you are dating online, you've got to make sure that you are honest, no matter what size or shape you are. I don't think that it matters if the connection is there and the people are being true about their feelings.
Heather Jensen
So true! Those are scary too!
Be aware of those that are from the Nigerian scam syndicates. I have come across a few. The way they describe themselves on their profiles are almost similar and identical.
Fantabulous Gabby
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Ana Sims
I've heard the "size/shape/looks don't matter" thing so any times. And guess what? They do, because when I met most of those guys, they complained that I was too skinny or not pretty enough. I say be honest - let someone know if they're your physical type or not before meeting, and save yourselves having to go through a bad date.
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