5 Important ๐Ÿ’ก Red Flags ๐Ÿšฉ to Look ๐Ÿ‘€ for in Online Dating Profiles ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ“ฑ ...

If you're online dating, you've got to know the red flags in online dating profiles. It is hard to know a guy just based on a picture and a profile. Just clicking on a profile is a gamble because you donโ€™t know if that is who he really is. Of course, some guys will lie in order to hide their least desirable qualities. Sometimes red flags are obvious. But in my experience, most of the time they are really subtle. That is where reading between the lines comes in handy. Once you know what to watch out for on a guyโ€™s profile, weeding out the jerks from the good quality guys gets easier. It will prevent you from going on any dates with them. Here are red flags in online dating profiles to look out for.

1. He Puts That He Wants a Woman Who โ€œtakes Care of Herselfโ€

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This is one of the biggest red flags in online dating profiles. This means that he is shallow, superficial, and wants a woman who looks a certain way. I agree that being physically attracted to a person is important. But if he is expecting you to wear makeup constantly, be a certain weight, and get dressed up all the time he is superficial. Appearance is all he cares about in a woman. Why would you want a guy who puts more emphasis on your appearance than who you are as a person? It takes more than physical attraction to make a real, lasting relationship work. Guys who put โ€œtakes care of herselfโ€ in their profile also mean they arenโ€™t looking for anything serious.

2. His Profile Has Very Little Information

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Some online dating sites will ask people questions about themselves and what they are looking for. Most will at least have a bio for you to fill out. If any of these are bare or have very little info keep on looking. A common sentence they will write is โ€œask and Iโ€™ll tell youโ€. When I see a guy write that in any part of his profile I keep looking. What it really means is I am too lazy to tell you anything about who I am. It is another sign that he isn't serious about finding someone. A guy who is serious about finding a mate will fill out his profile in full. It could also mean that it is a fake dating profile.

3. He Has Profile Pictures with His Shirt off

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If his only profile pictures are ones where he has his shirt off while taking a selfie in the mirror, keep looking. This is a big indicator that he is a player who only has one thing on his mind. He isnโ€™t looking for anything other than a booty call. It shows that he could be a narcissist too. A good quality guy will be fully clothed in his profile pictures. They will have other pictures besides selfies. If you are looking for something serious, definitely run in the other direction.

4. He Puts That He Isnโ€™t Looking for Anything Serious or Just Looking to Have Fun

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This should go without saying but if a guy puts this in his profile he means it. If you think that he might change his mind once he gets to know you think again. If you are looking for something serious and he isnโ€™t, you are just wasting your time. It will only end in heartbreak. If he puts that he is just looking for fun, itโ€™s not fun at the movies. Usually, he means dropping by your place for a quick hook up and thatโ€™s it. Also, if a guy puts that he is just looking for casual dating or hanging out, that is exactly what he means. Hanging out isnโ€™t the same as a date. If you know for sure that you arenโ€™t looking for anything serious for a while then, by all means, click like on their profile. But if not, keep looking. Donโ€™t think that it could turn serious when they explicitly stated that it wonโ€™t.

5. Your Own Personal Red Flags

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What are you looking for in a guy? What is important to you in a relationship? What is important to you needs to be important to the guy you are dating. For me, it was important to stay away from guys who drink and smoke because I donโ€™t do either. Any guy who put that he drinks or smokes on his profile was a red flag for me. Regardless of what any relationship expert says, or friends say, donโ€™t compromise on what is important to you. If the profile you are looking at doesnโ€™t have the important qualities, you are looking for, stay away. If you prefer to stay home and watch Netflix but he says he prefers to go out, then that is a red flag. People donโ€™t usually change either.

When in doubt always follow your gut instinct. Your womanโ€™s intuition is never wrong. If you come across a guyโ€™s dating profile that you really like but there are a few things that concern you, ask a close friend about it. Have them take a look at his profile to see what they think. Online dating isnโ€™t easy. It is pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you know what to watch out for, it can make the online dating process a little bit easier.

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